What Once Was Lost: Ghost Walking


          “So, Shai, have you heard about the ‘ghosts’ on campus yet?”  Lance’s mouth was half full as he asked me the question across a table at the Food Court.  I frowned, picking at my pizza.
“Ghosts?  What are you talking about?”  I looked at my watch – I had class in twenty minutes.  Ghosts?  What the heck sort of thing is he talking about?  I waited, still picking at my meal.  I really wasn’t that hungry.  I shouldn’t have wasted my money.
          Lance shrugged.  “Oh, rumor is that late at night, there are these weird things walking campus.  Almost like the people from Faire are running around in garb with flour all over them.  You know, ghosts.”
          I grimaced.  This is getting way too weird.  “And who have you heard this from?  It’s probably just one of the Greek organizations being weird.”
          “I saw them last night,” my roommate piped up quietly from next to me.
          “Did you now?”  I sipped my drink, then got up and began to put on my coat.  It was a cold walk to Au Sable, if a short one.  “Fine.  Tonight, we’ll go looking.”
          “I thought you didn’t believe in this stuff,” Jude said with a frown.
          “I don’t,” I answered, picking up my bag.  “That’s why I’m going.  Tonight.  We’ll meet at our room and you two can show me.”

*        *          *

          If you’ve never walked campus at night, you’ll never realize exactly how spooky it can be.  I walk at night all the time, and that’s probably why it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to, but in the beginning, walking alone at night terrified me.
          I was walking along the path that lead to Little Mac, back near Commons, with Lance and Jude.  We’d tried to get Craig to come, too, but he’d had homework that couldn’t wait, he said.  I had half a mind to drag him out with us anyway – he hadn’t really left his room except to go to class for the past week – but I didn’t.
          “So where are these ‘ghosts’ of yours, you two?”  I was skeptical – I usually was, although circumstances in my life recently had caused me to reevaluate what was and was not possible.
          “I saw them while I was walking across the bridge.  It was almost like the people were walking on the bridge as if it was a few feet lower in the middle and sagging there, instead of arching.”
          I nodded absently.  I love you both dearly, but if you believe that there’re ghosts running around this campus—
          My thought cut off in the middle as I suddenly saw a spectre heading toward us from the other end of the bridge.  As the spectre walked, it was as Jude had described – as if the bridge sagged in the middle instead of arching upward.  On either side of me, Jude and Lance were silent and still.
          The spectre looked like Craig.


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