Indy Bridger (

Indy drummed her fingers on the edge of the communications console

in her quarters.  “Yeah, so, we all got home safe, in a matter of

speaking.  Mike and Baron are going to be fine.”

Indy’s friend Tag seemed overly cheerful on the comm.  “Well,

that’s good.”

“Yeah,”  Indy frowned.  “Why are you so damn happy?”

Tag laughed.  “My felinix is trying to taste my foot and it

tickles.  Look, I need to go now.  We’ll talk later, OK?”

Indy nodded.  “Yeah, sure.  Bye.”

The image of Hoth with a red Alliance insignia and a pair of

crossed lightsabers appeared on the screen, and Indy shut down the comm. 

She glanced at the chrono.  “Aw, shaavit, I’m two seconds away from

being late to that debriefing.”  The way her leg ached, she’d not make

it in time.  The bite on her leg had become inflamed and painful, but

she was taking some antibiotics to kill the infection rather than opting

for bacta therapy.  She headed for the debriefing.

Fortunately, she was not the last to arrive.  She dropped into a

chair at one end of the table.

Mike walked into the briefing room of the cruiser Imladris.  He noticed

that everyone was looking bored, so he decided to tell a joke.

“Hello.  Stop me if you’ve heard this one...”  At that most of the

Auroras yelled out “Stop!”  Mike looked down “What, did i miss seeing a

tripwire?”  he chuckled while a few Auroras groaned.

Indy shook her head as Mike dropped into the chair next to her. 

“Tag gives her best.”

Mike blinked.  “You talked to her?”

Indy grinned.  “Who do you think got me into this crazy outfit?” 

She gave him a little hug and turned her attention to the debriefing.

Mike Bullian (

Mike stood up at the end of the debriefing and looked to his left.  “Indy, you all right?”  He said, noticing that she was favoring her leg.  “I’m okay, just a little infection, nothing serious.”  Indy replied, a friendly smile spreading on her face.  I’m going to see Raven, he’s going to try to regenerate my leg, maybe he could take a look at yours.” Mike said invitingly.  “That might help, this thing’s bugging the heck out of me.”  Indy replied, taking a limping step toward Mike.  “You’re not actually thinking of walking are you?”  Mike bent over and picked her up.  “Now isn’t this better.”  Mike said as he walked out of the briefing room and turned towards the crew quarters, heading for Raven’s.

Raven Conall (

Mike walked in carrying Indy and Raven look a little surprised at both of them walking in, and then he realized he still had the ysalimiri siting on his head.  He smiles and set the ysalamari down on the other side of the room and teleport it and it’s force blocking bubble into a cage that negated the force bubble. Then he looked up at both of them smiled and said “You can put her down ya know.” Mike set her down into a chair so she wouldn’t have to walk and then he walked over to another chair and sat down. “Mike I’m gonna need you on the table actually. It’ll only take 30 minutes.. so it’s won’t be too long. And Indy, I see you have an infected leg. That’ll only take a minute or so, and I would have you go first.. But I promised Mike his leg.” By the time raven finished saying this, Mike had worked his way unto the surgery table, with Raven’s help. Then Raven pulled up a chair and sat beside Mike “Now this Might hurt a bit. Different people have different reactions to this.” Raven slipped into a meditation state and as instinct started to levitate with his legs crossed. Raven put his right hand about 1 centimeter above the point of where Mike’s leg was severed and inspected it using the Force. He moved into Mike’s DNA and started looking for the strand that was his leg. After 10 minutes of looking he found it. He started to reconstruct it accordingly. He put it together in his mind, and then he set his hand down where Mike’s leg was severed off. He started to change what the certain cells in the area were doing, the cells started reconstructing the leg. Indy noticed the leg starting to form on Mike and her jaw dropped a little in surprise. Mike saw her expression change and he was still laying down he asked, “What?”, Indy pointed at his forming leg, and Mike looked at his new forming leg and he smiled. After all, Mike knew Raven could do it. The leg was formed, every hair, every muscle, exactly the same as it was before it was severed. The Leg was finished 50 minutes after the process was started and Raven slowly dropped to the chair and left his meditation state. He looked up at Mike and said “All finished. Have a Nice Day.” Mike tested his leg before he stood up and found out that actually it worked quite well. He slowly stood up, not entirely trusting it, but then walked over to the chair and brought Indy over to the table and set her down. Raven smiled at her and said “This should be relatively easy, compared to what I did to Mike.” Raven drifted back into meditation, his hand drifting over where her infection was. His mind drifted into that area, and almost like a computer interface, he sped up the antibodies attacking the infection. Then he added his two cents into attacking them, till all the infection was either destroyed or dead. The whole process took less then a minute. Raven exited his meditation and said “All finished.” Indy too didn’t trust it at first, and slowly lowered herself to the floor and tested her leg. It indeed worked as she found out. Mike and Indy then left the medbay Raven had claimed way back when, for his services of using the force to heal.

Mynok (

Mynok was one of the late ones to arrive. He arrived just in time to see Mike carrying Indy off some where probably to fix both there aliments. Maybe he would go see Raven  to get rid of the various cuts and bruises he had as well as the major headache he was gaining . He wondered how some of the veterans of this kind of espionage were still alive. He walked to his quarters to unpack. As he stepped into his quarters something from the past suddenly struck him. He remembered the face of one of the dark Jedi in fact the one he had fought with. He took out his saber. He looked at the end of it and saw something the engraved picture of the dark Jedi. This saber had been given to him by his fathers best friend shortly before the destruction of Alderaan. he had said it had belonged to a powerful Jedi that was killed in the clone wars. He had also said that he was related to him. That means that the dark Jedi was a light Jedi gone bad and he was related to him. He sat down at his holo link to call Commander Skywalker, he would know what to do.


Operation 1 complication set #1

The Trial

Indy Bridger (

Indy was strolling through the hangar when she saw a battered

X-Wing on the deck.  It had dozens and dozens of TIE kills painted on

the side, and on the wings there were painted the image of Hoth with a

red Alliance insignia and two crossed lightsabers.  Indy swore. 

“*Shaavit*, not so soon!”

Captain Tag Rendar came around from the other side of the X-Wing,

her R2 unit trailing.  “Gee, you act like you’re not happy to see me.”

Indy grinned and hugged her friend.  “You know I am.  I just didn’t

expect you so soon.”

“That’s why it’s such a good surprise.  Look, I brought some

Whyren’s Reserve and some rhyscate.  Get your unit together and we’ll

celebrate your first mission’s successful completion.”

Indy grinned.  “Sure thing.  Look, you might want to track down some

of your other friends around here.  I think I saw Mike and Mynok about

ten minutes ago.”

Tag clapped Indy on the shoulder.  “Now that you’ve tempted me....”

The pair of women headed off in opposite directions.

Orian (

Orian just stared at the ceiling of his cell upon the ship. It was pretty plain. A simple metal.  The mission was also simple. It would probably be his last, too.

Upon the return of Aurora Force, Orian got a call from the commanders upon the command vessel. Turned out he was “wanted for numerous crimes against the New Republic”, whatever that meant. Odd, though, how nobody in Aurora Force knew about it. But the commanders on the ship knew. That’s why they were standing next to him, armed with their fancy little blasters.

He gave a dark brown glare to the officers “standing watch” over him as he rose from lying on his bed to a sitting position. What crimes had he committed against the New Republic? ...maybe...

Two years ago Orian had delivered a shipment of “sausage” (i.e. Explosives, weapons, etc.) to somebody in the Outer-Rim territories. They identified themselves as “rebels of the government.” Of course, he knew that the only real government there worked for the Empire, so naturally he figured he would be helping out the Rebels. Oh how wrong he was.

Having received his pay from the “rebels”, he left Coruscant only to find himself running right smack dab into a small flight group of TIE-Interceptors and a pair of TIE-Bombers. Of course, Orian was flying in one of those “suspected” Corellian Transports, so he figured they either found out about his transactions with the “rebels” or just thought him to be somebody else.

Having a seemingly Force-adept person as a gunner (seemingly Force-adept due to his ability to generally read people’s minds—for a human) wasn’t a bad idea. The TIEs made easy scrap. Unfortunately, the TIEs were meant to scrap HIM so the “rebels” wouldn’t have to pay for the guns.

Not until now did he know the truth. The rebels turned out to be Imperial spies. Those Imperial spies managed to destroy a major rebel stronghold not to far away from the dumping spot, and from then on the name of “Orian” was shouted amongst the Imperials as a savior’s name. That was why he constantly changed his name on the databases—to keep his name hidden from both the New Republic AND the Empire. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

Unfortunately, the NR found out.

He would rather the Empire find out.

Then he wouldn’t have to watch as his friends executed him for treason. Or have to be guarded in a cell by one of his friends.

But it was too late for that, now. They wouldn’t hear him out. That’s what made Orian mad. They wouldn’t listen to him, no matter what he pleaded. They instantly accused him of being an Imperial spy, sent to sabotage the Aurora Force amongst countless other operations within the New Republic.

So now, he just sat there, awaiting punishment. Those dull eyes turned back up to the two officers guarding him. “Can I speak with somebody before I go?”

“No,” snapped one of the officers. “You get no rights, Imperial scum.” That sounded almost too Imperial for him.

Orian sent a glance to the other officer, who said nothing. He only stood there. Back to the grouchy officer he looked. “I have rights here, be I Imperial or New Republic. I thought the New Republic was for justice, and rights, and humanity. You are defacing it.”

Obviously that hit the officer right in the heart—just what he hoped for. “All right, all right ... who do you wish to speak to?”

Orian pondered for a brief moment on what this would do to the officer’s career. Allowing a prisoner access to speak to somebody. At that moment, though, he loathed him, be him friend or enemy. “I want to speak to Indy.”

Giving a nod to the petty officer, who stuck his head out the door and shouted “The prisoner wishes to speak with Indy!”, he turned bright blue eyes back onto Orian. “Granted.”

Obviously the messaging system wasn’t too great, as all through the halls Orian could hear “The prisoner wishes to speak with Indy!” “Call Indy!” “Orian wants to talk to Indy!” “Gebble neddle kitu Indy!” “Beep-reet-beep BEEEEP blewwwwwwwwwt!”

Mike Bullian (

Mike walked up to the cell guard.  “I need to speak with the prisoner.”

“No can do, one visitor allowed at a time and he’s expecting Indy.”  The guard replied.  Mike reached out to probe this guard’s mind, not too strong of a will, good.  Mike reaches out to the guard’s mind with an influential push.

“You will let me in to speak to the prisoner.”  Mike said calmly, but forcefully.  The guard opened the door and Mike walked in, the door shut behind him.  “Nice to see you again, I came as soon as I heard.”

“Now you’re definitely not Indy.”  Orian replied warmly, at least as warmly as he could reply given his situation.

“I think that this is wrong what they’re doing to you, and I know that you’re innocent.”  Mike said seriously, though with a smile on his face.

“How could you possibly know that?” Orian asked, slightly confused by Mike’s statement.

“First of all I can sense it in your mind, secondly I was the Imperial pilot that blew up the rebel outpost, Twilight Colony.”

“What?!”  Orian’s eyes widened in shock.  “why, how?”

“I was just starting out as a pilot, shortly after I ran away from my home.  I was supposed to take out the outpost’s main reactor so that the Imperials could capture the powerless rebels more easily.  Little did I know that they set up your explosives as a chain reaction that would destroy the whole outpost.”  A tear escaped Mike’s eye.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”  Orian replied sympathetically

“It’s all right, anyway, I’ve come to offer my services as your lawyer.”  At this point the door opened and Indy walked in.

Raven Conall (

Humming Imperial March a song he remembers from way back when as he starts walking down the corridor. He was assigned as Orian’s lawyer for two reasons. One he was an Imperial himself. Two, he was one of the highest ranking officers in the RS and since Codyman couldn’t because he was the CO, he sent Raven hoping to throw some weight to keep Orian. Raven Didn’t mind much at all.. He actually kinda like doing things like this. Raven was of course in his dress uniform which actually looked pretty good on raven, all his service medals weighing down his uniform was his only problem. He flew in every battle the rebels took on, save for the Battle at the First Death Star, and at the Battle of Endor, he was on of the troops which helped take out the shield generator.. Did he get any credit HELL NO! it pissed him off a little but, hell.. At least he was on the right side. He continued walking down the hall.

He reached the door just as it closed and when he entered Indy, Mike, and Orian were already in there. “Having a little party are we?”, they looked at him strangely, wondering why the hell he was there and he said “Oh yeah.. I’m your assigned lawyer.” Mike looked at Raven, and Raven noticed that Mike was wondering whether he should try to scan his mind. “Don’t try it Mike.” Raven said. He handed Orian the papers that told him the charges against him, his assigned lawyer (Raven), and what the punishment of the charge was.

Indy Bridger (

Indy entered the cell.  “Orian, I heard all about it.  What did you

want me for?”  She patted her leg almost nervously.  “Look, I have a

friend that you should really talk to....”  She glanced at Raven and

Mike.  “You two should, too.”     

Orian (

Letting out a heavy sigh, he looked at the three before him. He just wanted to talk to Indy, but instead he got Raven, Mike AND Indy. Oh well. Dusting off his ragged clothes, he rose to stand. “Looks like I’m in some deep fodder. Is there anything any of y’all can do to get me out of here?”

Muddy eyes turned between the three, seeking an answer.

Torin Qel-Droma (

NEWSFLASH:  Lantare News:  The Tide Has Turned

Today, after what was believed to be a covert operation by Lantare insurgence guerillas, the main imperial garrison of Jaggerbund was put out of commision.  Quickly after the internal attack, loyal lantare freedom fighters stormed the garrison by the thousands, taking what was left of it under their control.  The internal strike was what allowed this force to take the palace, turning water control back over to the people of Lantare.  The other garrision fell shortly after, weakening the Imperial Force severely.  The Empire has all but been crushed on Lantare as a result of these recent developments.  Still, the freedom fighters are expressing some worries over their next course of action.  Their leader, Tarik Yarlos, expressed some doubts:  “We were lucky to eliminate the Empire here, but we know they are sending a battlefleet this way.  We can only hope for some sort of intervention, as we cannot hope to push back a battlefleet.  Still, we will fight to the end for our freedom.”  Indeed, it has been widely known for a few days now that the Empire has sent a fleet towards Lantare, but it believed that the Rebel Squadrons has been dispatched to deal with the threat.  Still, at this point it is still a rumor, and all we can do is hope and pray for the people of Lantare, as they fight to keep their freedom alive.

Torin turned his head away from the television and looked at Baron, who was sitting next to him.  Torin took a swig of his drink and laughed a bit.  “You see Baron, things worked out as the should.  I did violate New Republic law, but things are unfolding.  We’ve allowed the people of Lantare to overthrow the Imperials.”  Baron shook his head. 

“I don’t know why I haven’t reported you.  I think it was the initial shock of you knowing what I was all about.  And still, the imperial fleet is arriving very soon.”

“Well, I was more worried about the Rebel Squadrons arriving first actually.  I didn’t want them to find out about my little operation.  But look at it this way.  We freed the people of Lantare, got out of the system, and now the Rebel Squadrons will collide with the Empire when they both arrive.  There will be no mass genocide, as the people of Lantare would have experienced had I not brought the RS into the war, because the RS and Empire will clash in space, in orbit around Lantare, not fighting over it.  The people are already free, and as long as the RS wins their fight, they will remain that way. 

“True, in a way, but you had to assassinate an innocent man and throw a planet into war to do it.”  Baron sipped his drink, waiting for a reply.

“If I hadn’t, the RS would have sat back until it was too late.  The Empire would have killed millions.” 

“Honestly Torin, if you hadn’t thrown the planet into war, would there have been a need for the Empire to wipe the planet clean?”

“They were on the verge of war Baron, I just sped it up.  I brought the RS out of the red tape that has kept them out of war, and now they can finally help put the Empire out of business for good.  What I did was far from moral, but in the end, I think it’ll work out better.”

“Well what is next on your agenda General Qel-Droma?”

“I’m thinking beyond Minos Baron, possibly Aurora itself.”  As Baron was sipping his drink, he couldn’t help but nearly cough it up.

“The capital!  You’re insane man!”  Torin shook his head.

“Nah, just overly brave.”  He smiled, stood up, and walked away.

Kenta Jelnor (

“Kenta, where are you going?”

Mike called to Kenta from the other side of the docking bay.

“I have to go. I’ve been summoned to the ‘Windstorm’ for a secret PBF mission. After that, the ‘Remona’ and the RgF want to use my hide. And then it’s back into the dropship for some grunt work with the Commandos. I got a ton to do. I’d love to help here, but enough people are good lawyers that my persuasion skills aren’t needed. Don’t worry, I’ll leave some Eyes for you.”

“Okay Kenta, see you later.”

Indy Bridger (

Indy led Mike and Raven to the guest quarters that had been assigned to

Tag.  The

door opened with scarcely a sound.  Tag was sitting at a console with

her back to the

door, punching something into the computer system.

“Sitting like that is dangerous,” Mike said.

Tag half turned, a small blaster disappearing into her sleeve.  “I

learned that lesson

a long time ago,” she said.  “The last time I turned my back on someone

I wasn’t sure of, I

almost wasn’t in a position to do anything again.”  She glanced at Indy. 

“Am I to assume

that this is about the Intelligence mess up I’ve spent the past month

trying to fix?”  Her

gaze flicked to Raven and Mike.  “Orian is innocent.”  She paused.  “As

are you, Mike.”

Mike frowned.  “How...?”

Tag rose.  “How do I know?  It was my operation at Twilight Colony.  I


allowed an Imperial spy know about the operation so all trace of it

would be erased

without wasting manpower.  Unfortunately, someone found out before

Cassie did.  I

know, though, that Orian and Mike did nothing wrong.  Twilight Colony

was ordered

destroyed long before they ever became involved.  Everyone who worked

there knew that

we would eventually destroy our work.”

“I hate to interrupt,” Raven said, “but who are you?”

Tag smiled.  “Your worst nightmare, Raven Conall.”  She extended her


“Captain Tag Erin Antilles Rendar, former Alliance to Restore the

Republic Intelligence,

New Republic Intelligence.”

“Should I know you?”  Raven asked.

Tag grinned.  “I should think so.  I’m the only one who can clear up

this mess.

Unless you want to try your hand at it, which I sincerely doubt, given

your own

involvement in this whole mess.”

Raven forced a smile and let go of the short woman’s hand.  “I’ll take

your word

for it.”

“Am I the only one that wasn’t involved in this mess?”  Indy asked.

The other three looked at her.  The answer was unanimous and in unison. 


Indy nodded curtly.  “All right then.  I’m going to go keep Orian

company.  Have

fun tearing into each other.”

The three officers watched her go.  Tag shook her head.  “I should have



Raven and Mike looked toward her and nodded.

Mynok (

Mynok walked down the hall he stopped at the door that had Mike,

Raven, and Indy standing in it. As he look in to his surprise he saw a

familiar face which he had not seen since Hoth.

“Tag,” he exclamied as he walked into the room.

Tag frowned and stared at him for a moment.  “Mynok?!  What are you doing here?”  She gave him a big hug, then held him at arms’ length.  “I thought you were dead!  Look at you!”  She gave him a lopsided smile, looking very much like she had as a much more raw young woman. “Well, that’s what you get for never showing up at reunions.”

Mynok frowned.  “We had reunions?”

Tag laughed.  “Get out of here, we’ll drink later.”  She shooed him

out and got back to the business of briefing Mike and Raven.

Carlos DeLong (

Carlos met Indy in the hallway outside of Tag’s room.

“Indy, could I have a word with you for a second?”  he asked.

“Sure.”  she answered.

They set off toward Orian’s cell.  Carlos tried to figure out exactly how to say what he needed to say.

“I’m not sure if Tag’s testimony will be enough in this case,” he said.  She looked at him quizzically.  “I heard what y’all where talkin’ about in there,” he explained, “and I’m not sure that just the testimony of one witness will be enough.  Raven and Mike will help, but I think he made need a couple of people higher up in the NRI to handle this one.”  Carlos said.  He happened to know two people who could help.  Who had also been involved in the incident.  Who were now the two top spooks in the entire NRI, not just the RS wing.

“And I suppose you would know someone that high up, hmmm?”  she asked.

Carlos grinned.  “Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do.  If we can get the trial delayed a few days, I can send Peregrine to Coruscant to get Chryson and Jhan Shynar here.”

Indy whistled.  The Shynar’s were famous in the New Republic.  Know as the NRI’s best Husband-Wife team, they had successfully pulled off espionage and intelligence missions that all others said were impossible.  Chryson was now the DCI (Director, Central Intelligence) of the NRI.  Jhan was the current DDO (Deputy Director (Operations)).  Their testimony could get Orian freed.

“Carlos,” said Indy, “If you can get them here, well get you your two days.”

“Thanks.  Orian is going to need it.”

Troy Nexus (

It was a peaceful night so far, many of the commandos already retired

to their quarters for the evening.  There was just a quiet hum of

machinery heard through the docking bay of the Aurora Force’s ship.  The

hum is then overpowered by a louder screaming sound of twisting metal

and torn engines from a shuttle entering the docking bay.  Startled by

the sound, the ship maintenance officers all looked up from their game of

sabacc and froze as the ship slowed to a stop.  Grabbing a comlink, the

head officer, called for security, which quickly were there along with

some other commandos that had heard about the unexpected visitor.  The

shuttle shut down it’s engines and a ramp could be heard dropping onto

the ground.  The blasters all aimed on the doors waiting for an intruder

to shoot at.  A small sound of the doors opening was heard and in came

the shadowy image of a battered soldier.  The shadowy figure looked

around for a few moments, and then collapsed on the entrance floor.

A moment later Troy Nexus woke up laying on a bunch of chairs that had

been pushed together like a couch.  Sitting up and rubbing his aching

head, he glanced around him to find he was in the AF Tavern or “Watering

Hole” for the AF commandos.  A smile crossed his face as a medic came

sitting in a chair alongside him.  “Nasty bump you got there.” she said

in a soft soothing voice as she examined his forehead a little closer. 

“Why am I in the tavern??” said Troy a little confused on why he was in

a bar instead of a medbay.  “Well from your constant babblings, you said

you wanted to go to the bar while you were unconscious.”  “Well I have

missed this place the last few weeks.”  “Where have you been anyway?”

she said examining his head and listening hardly to his story.

“Well it started when I was on my ship ‘The Twisted Raven’  and my

co-pilot droid ‘C-63’ wasn’t operating correctly.  I thought it would be

fine while we were in hyperspace on our trip back to base.  Next thing I

know, I’m woken by sirens and red alert lights.  I got into the cockpit

and found C-3  swinging it’s arms like a crazed Wampa.  It had destroyed

a lot of the controls, and nav-computer.  The messed up droid wouldn’t

obey commandos so I put it out of it’s misery with a blaster to the

droid’s chest plate.  It seemed the stupid droid had downloaded a virus

and wrecked the computer’s hard drive.  I did what I could to find a

replacement and eventually got back to the base.  It’s been a pain, cuz

i know I got a ton of work waiting for me.   And I’d like to get back to

them as soon as possible.  Thanks for everything Doc.”

With that Troy stood from the chair he had been sitting on and

staggered over to the bar, ordered his fav drink, and then went over to

the news monitor and checked his messages he’d gotten while he was gone. 

Grimacing over the many messages, he sighed and started going through

them.  “Hey!  Aren’t you our XO?” came the voice of a commando from

behind Troy.  “Yeah?  I’ve been busy.  But I’ll catch up pretty

quickly.”  “You do know drinks are on the house cuz of Torin’s

promotion.  And we’re all celebrating a successful mission.” said the

commando.  “Well thanx for the update.” Troy said with a smile and

ordered another drink for himself, and offered the stool next to him at

the bar to the talkative commando.”

Baron (

God, I needed this drink. I have had the worst week. Shot, smacked, pierced, fell, hit, healed, hit again, shot, drowned, audited (where did that one come from?), you name it. I NEED this drink. Thank God Torin’s paying. I have never felt more helpless. And no, it’s not just the alcohol. I’m not drunk. Yet.

I tried my damnedest this mission, but only succeeded in getting the whole group further in trouble. I thought I was dead for sure when those stormtroopers grabbed me. It seems to me that this whole team has a few too many legendary heroes, Jedi, and force-users. It might just be me, but it seems like this is far too convenient. I can only think of two reasons why a group full of Jedi (who, last I checked, were extremely rare) would be sanctioned by the New Republic.

The first reason, is that we are a crack team of operatives who are the best of the best, and can effectively use our combined abilities to wreak havoc among enemy lines. Nah. If that’s so, why am I here? I have no ability in the Force whatsoever. I would not have been included.

The second reason seems to me to be more plausible. Actually, Admiral Ackbar put it best when he uttered those famous words. “It’s a trap!” Perhaps we were allowed to join forces, so that it would be that much easier to kill all of these Jedi at once. That certainly seems likely, especially with this upcoming trial (which you know is going to be extremely public). Who could benefit from this? The Empire? Probably. But I wouldn’t rule out disgruntled soldiers who were tired of all their hard work overshadowed by a few glorified Jedi. I’ve seen them. NRI supervisors who rose high in the ranks, but were bitter, because no matter how many battles they were in, or how bravely they fought, the only thing people could remember about them was that they saw Luke Skywalker fly at Hoth. Who cares if they shot a whole platoon of Snowtroopers. They saw a legend. They become bitter fast.

Ah, maybe it IS the alcohol talking.

Carlos DeLong (

Troy hadn’t recognized the commando at first.  He should have.  They had fought together one rainy night on  Terrac III.  Not to mention having tried to retake a ship from the Imperials that was already back in the hands of the good guys.

“Long ways since Terrac III, eh boss?”  Carlos said with a sly grin.

“Carlos!  I didn’t recognize you at first.  Why isn’t your name on the roster?”

“Probably some technical glitch.  We’ve been kinda busy here lately.”

“Looks like the battle went well.  Too bad I had to miss it.”

“Yup.  And now we have a trial.  Orian was arrested when we got back.  Charged with treason.”  Carlos grimaced.  He was still waiting for Indy and Orian’s defense team to get him just a few days to bring in some help.

“What happened?” Troy asked.

“I know some of the details.  I also know two people who were right in the middle of it and who could help free Orian.  I’m just waiting for a delay...”  Carlos’ comlink beeped.  “Yes?”

“Carlos, this is Indy.  The judge and jury are going to be a little late.  You have five days.  Better move it, boy.”

“Thanks Indy.  I’ll have Peregrine moving in no time.  Carlos out.”  Carlos turned to Troy. “I’d love to talk more, but I’ve got to get Peregrine prepped up.  See ya around!”

With that, Carlos ran out of the tavern, took the lift down to the hanger bay, and gave Peregrine his orders.  Go to Coruscant.  Pick up the Shynars.  Bring them back here.  The robot ship took off, flew a little ways away from the Imladris, and went into hyperspace.  The race for Orian’s freedom, for Orian’s life, was on.

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