Dalsuna had finally rounded a corner and found some privacy. He pulled his comlink and thumbed it to Tag's frequency. There was a click, and she replied, "Yes?"
    "I've got a problem here, they're hard on me for answers, they're saying our conversation last night was a date," he explained.
    "I'll be right there."
    Dalsuna stepped around the corner again to face his gossipy peers. "Look, it wasn't a date, so if you'll go about your business."
    "Sure it wasn't Knight, give us the dirt, did you score or what?"
    "You guys are so disgusting, ask her yourself," he pointed to Tag who just entered the room. Part of the congregation surrounding Dalsuna severed off and surrounded Tag, bombarding her with questions.
    "Look," she almost shouted, "It wasn't a date. If anyone has a problem with that, they can deal with this," she pulled out her blaster and calmly stared everyone down. They all backed off, returning to their drinks. The group surrounding Dalsuna also melted away. Miranda stood, arms crossed and pouting as Tag left. Indy Bridger stepped into the room from the back entrance.
    "Hey guys, what's up?" she asked.
    "Dal's got a girlfriend, that's what's up," Miranda said, smiling deviously.
    "Who?" she spotted him, shaking his head.
    "Tag Rendar," Miranda replied. Indy laughed, shaking her head.
    "She's my blood sister, and she's my cousin's lover," Indy laughed. Miranda turned to bicker with Etrall, trying to press her point of her brother and Tag, while he insisted that they weren't a couple yet.
    "Yet, Mr. Ewok, Yet. The key word there is yet."
    "Tag is Nylan Bridger's lover," Indy repeated. Miranda stopped, arching an eyebrow and making a note. In the corner table, Dalsuna's shoulders slumped, it seemed, that he again had run into some bad luck.
    "Time to do some more mailings... anyone have Tag's Holonet address?"
    "No you don't, Miranda," Dalsuna said from the corner. Indy mumbled it to Miranda.
    "NO!" Etrall almost yelled, "Poor Knight and Tag..."
     A fight had broken out in the Bar and Grill. The floor was a mess as Dalsuna clutched his leg in pain. IronMan had shot him with a low power setting. He was in the corner, arguing something with someone at the moment, his fellow Resurrection pilots were also involved with the argument. Miranda sat in a chair, her injured leg propped up. She tried her best to stop the bleeding, but she looked pale. The fight for the most part was over, and once again, the bar lay in ruins. Tag sat at the bar, beside him, and he turned towards her, a bitter smile on his face.
    "So can I buy you that drink?" he asked sheepishly, almost out of breath. She laughed bitterly and nodded. He poured two glasses of Whyren's Reserve and handed one to her. Mike Bullian stepped back into the room, not as sober as he left. Tag frowned, he had gone to bring in some cases of whiskey from her shuttle, apparently he had skimmed a little from the supply. Tag sipped at the glass as Miranda attempted to stand. Her colour had changed from her usual cheerful gleam to a pale milky colour. She took two steps toward the door and colapsed. Dalsuna dropped his glass and hobbled over to his sister. Her breathing was shallow and laboured. Tag was at his side moments later.
    "She can't take a hit like she used to. Her last mission left her in a very fragile condition," Dalsuna said to Tag. She laid her hands on Miranda and concentrated for a moment, allowing the Force to heal Miranda. Tag started to sway as the process continued. She had already used her powers to heal a number of people in the bar earlier, and she was beginning to feel exhausted. Miranda took a sharp breath and her eyes flew open. At the same moment, Tag fell into unconciousness. Dalsuna caught her before she hit the ground. He picked her up and laid her on the couch. Miranda slowly sat up, still looking pale, but alive. Dalsuna retrieved a blanket from his flight gear and covered Tag with it, checking if she was alright. Her eyes opened slowly as she took a deep breath.
    "I did it again," she muttered. Dalsuna helped her sit up. He looked at her with concern.
    "Just relax. I don't understand all that stuff about the force, but I think you'd better take it easy," he turned towards Miranda as a shuttle crew came and stretchered her out of the bar. Dalsuna sat beside Tag, and with a forced smile, he sighed. "So, disregarding the past three hours, how was your day?" She laughed bitterly, shaking her head.
    "Same as every day, Dal," she sighed, "Same as every day."
    He looked at her more closely, trying to read her expression, "Are you as tired as you look?"
    Tag smiled, "Likely to be more tired. I'd better be heading out," she stood, getting her bearings. Tag pulled on her jacket and headed out the door, Dalsuna following her to walk her out to her fighter. He limped a bit, the pain in his leg biting into him slightly.
    "Are you okay?" she asked, glancing at him.
    "Yeah, I'll be fine," he replied tiredly. She stopped at her X-wing, climbing up the ladder and hopping in, Dalsuna eyed the craft with some interest. He spotted her astromech, Fielder.
    "Take care of her, droid, I wouldn't want you to make the trip longer than necessary, she needs her rest," the droid warbled in agreement. Dalsuna started backing away from her fighter as she sighed, spotting her picture of Nylan.
    "Nylan," she sighed, she said it a little loud, but she hoped the engine whine overpowered her voice. Dalsuna stiffened, but continued backwards, out of the fighter's way. When she was gone, he climbed into his own X-wing and powered up.
    "I get all the luck with the women, I really do," he growled sarcastically.

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