Dalsuna stormed into the Imladris' lounge, carrying Tag. "Mike," he weezed, "I got a problem," he paused for a moment, looking down at the unmoving form of his love, "A big problem."
    "We noticed," Carlos said grimly, "Get a medic in here!"
    Dalsuna carried Tag to the medbay and set her unconscious form on a bed. "They dunked her in bacta," he growled.
    "Who?" Indy cried.
    "Chaos," Dalsuna growled angrily, doing his best to clean off the remaining bacta.
    "I didn't know she was allergic!" Chaos cried from the door, innocently.
    "Did someone call for the doctor?"
    "I'll kill you!" Indy yelled, grabbing her cadet by the throat.
    Mike closed his eyes and concentrated, gathering his healing energies, starting to glow a warm yellow.
    "Tag?" Dalsuna called, hopelessly, knowing it would do little good. He shook her gently, then looked for a pulse.
    "Okay, clear away, this could be.....violent," Mike muttered. He began to release the healing energy into Tag, slowly at first.
    Dalsuna looked down at Tag, tears streaming down his face. First time for everything, he thought. "Tag, I need you," he picked up her limp hand, holding it, "I..." he faltered, looking for words, "I...don't want to be alone anymore."
    Mike let the energy slip more quickly, and began to direct it to countering the effects of the allergic reaction. Tag started convulsing wildly, while Dalsuna did his best to hold her down.
    "Is...is this normal?" he ground out between clenched teeth, "has this happened before?"
    Indy reached to out help Dalsuna hold down her blood-sister. "The bacta allergy? Never this bad."
    Dalsuna pulled out his comlink, "Miranda, get down here now, bring everything we have on bacta allergies."
    Tag's convulsing gradually subsided, she lay still again.
    "Miranda's allergic to almost every special medication out there, our doctors have worked up some counteracting chemicals for bacta and medication allergies," Dalsuna explained. Miranda hurried into the medbay, gasping when she saw Tag.
    "Oh no," she moaned, hand raising to her cover her mouth.
    Mike reached out and probed the extent of the damage done by the bacta. MirandaL handed the doctor a package of syringes, "There might be something in there that can slow the effect."
    Tag suddenly drew a deep breath. Dalsuna snapped his head back to Tag. "Tag?" he called, no reaction. "Tag?" he repeated, louder. Tag's eyelids fluttered, she remained still. Indy draped a blanket over Tag. Mike channeled the remaining energy into Tag, healing the rest of her wounds. Without a pause, he collapsed to the ground.
    Miranda did her best to drag Mike onto the couch. Dalsuna's gaze fell from his sister to Tag. He started shaking with rage.
    "Indy... how is she?" he did his best to control himself, he surprised himself at the calmness of his voice.
    "You okay?" Indy inquired.
    Mike began to come around, looking over at Tag's unmoving form. "Tag?" he mumbled inquisitively.
    Indy rested her hands on Tag's shoulders. "She'll make it....I don't know how long she'll be out," she said, shaking her head.
    Tag moaned softly, stirring slightly. "Tag?" Dalsuna called quietly, leaning over her.
    Tag opened her eyes slightly, squinting in the seemingly bright light. "What....happened?"
    "Chaos threw you into a bacta tank," he said, calmly. He bit out every word, not believing that it had actually happened. "Are... are you alright?" he asked.
    "Damn him," Tag groaned.
    "I'm going to kill him," Dalsuna growled, drawing his blaster, turning up the power settings to as high as they would go.
    Tag coughed hard, trying to roll onto her side, realizing she didn't have the strength to move. "I'll survive," she looked at him, realizing what he was doing, "Dal--wait, he doesn't know, I don't think."
    "He knows you're allergic to bacta. You've told him on many occasions," he said, turning from the medbay and running off down the corridor.
    Tag called out for Dalsuna, pausing when she realized that he had gone off to kill her cousin.

    The room was filled with officers, some drinking, all conversing about this event or that. Only one occupant of the room was aware of the earlier events, soon to be two. Dalsuna charged into the room, grabbing Chaos by the shoulders and throwing him to the wall. The sound of him hitting the bulkhead was enough to stop most of the conversations around the room. The angry sound of his voice stopped the rest.
    "You!" he growled.
    "What did I do?" Chaos replied innocently.
    "You know damn well what the hell you did," Dalsuna yelled, jamming the blaster's emitter into Chaos' neck. "Give me one good reason why I should dissolve you into this galaxy's most basic elements."
    Indy ran into the lounge, spotting Dalsuna, she gasped, "Dal! Stop, think of Tag, she wouldn't want this," she pleaded. Dalsuna remained rigid, pinning Chaos against the wall. "Dal!" Indy repeated, "She's calling for you, let him go, he'll get his in due time."
    Dalsuna sneered at Chaos, daring him to make a wrong move. Then, just as suddenly as he came, he flew from the lounge, throwing Chaos to the floor on his way out.


    Tag started sobbing quietly as Dalsuna hurried back in, dropping his blaster.
    Tag sighed in relief. "You didn't--"
    "No, I couldn't," he said tiredly.
    Tag closed her eyes, "Thank you...."
    "I had to stop him, Taggie," Indy said from the door.
    Dalsuna threw his arms around Tag, "You're all wet... and you're laying in a pool of water," he said, lightly.
    Tag shivered, then smiled weakly, "I know." He picked her up and layed her on a dry bed.
    Indy stares at Chris as he approached the medbay. "Have you come to appologize?"
    "Yes," he said, "I am sorry."
    Dalsuna turned to Chaos, staring him down, "No you're not."
    Chaos retreated several steps, then turned and fled down the corridor.
    "Dal, please...." Tag pleaded.
    "He's gone too far," Dalsuna said, anger renewed.
    "Here we go again," Indy mumbled.
    Dalsuna covered Tag with another blanket, "The sooner you get dry, the better."
    "Taggie, just get some sleep, huh?" Indy called from the door.
    Tag coughed, shivering. She closed her eyes and slept.
    "Indy, maybe she should get a change of clothes," Dalsuna said worriedly.
    "I'll get some," she nodded, digging through a shelf. She returned, looking at Mike and Dalsuna, "Boys, backs turned, please."
    "Miranda, help me, here," Indy called. Miranda stepped over and helped her get Tag out of the wet clothes. Another few moments passed, then Indy spoke again, "All right.....you can turn around now."
    Dalsuna turned to Mike, "Thanks."
    "You're welcome Dal."
    "I don't know what I would've done," he said, gaze falling to the ground. Mike relaxed and looked at Dalsuna questioningly. "I... I don't know what I would've done if I lost her."
    Mike rested a hand on Dalsuna's shoulder, "I know how you feel."
    Dalsuna turned, stepping over to the bed Tag was laying in. He collapsed to a chair beside the bed.
    Miranda padded over and sat beside Dalsuna, giving him a hug, "I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused today," she murmured, "and yesterday," she said leaning over into his field of vision, "and the day before that."
    Tag mustered up a smile from somewhere, looking at Dalsuna. "You wanna help me to bed?"
    "Where are you heading?"
    Tag sighed deeply, "Either the Immy or the Resistant, if you're going Minos way."
    "I'll take you to the Resistant, we've got some doctors that know their stuff better than anyone else."
    "Are you heading out to Minos?"
    "I can it's not much of a problem, Miranda's captain of the ship."
    "Tag closed her eyes, "All right."
    "We can make a round of the sector," Miranda smiled.
    "Hey, Dal, Tag's got the Echo Raiders almost permanently hooked up with AF....you should really come spend some time with us," Indy offered.
    "I could," he sighed, "but it depends where the fleet needs me though," Dalsuna tiredly ran his hands through his hair.
    Tag coughed, only half awake, Mike looked at Tag, "Get some sleep."
    Dalsuna remained beside Tag, holding on to her hand. Tag smiled as large as she could muster at Dalsuna. Closing her eyes, she dozed off. Dalsuna wheeled Tag out the door, behind Miranda. The Resistant it was, then, he thought.

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