Miranda rolled over in her bed, yet the pounding outside presisted. She wondered who or what it could be. She opened an eye, her computer terminal was still on, a message displayed the text, 'Mail sent'.
    "Miranda, open the door, right now!" her brother sounded quite irate. She sat up, her brother still pounding at the door. She looked down at her ruffled uniform she had slept in. So much for proper ettiqute, she thought. She opened the door. The panels slid open to reveal a very discontent Dalsuna.
    "What's the big idea slicing into my personal logs?" he hissed angrily.
    "Just testing ships security," she yawned, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.
    He eyed her suspiciously and spotted the terminal screen. "What's that?" he brushed past her and examined the screen.
    Miranda gulped and grinned stupidly, "Nothing important," she replied through her teeth.
    "And what use do you have of a Holonet account? It's not like you know anyone off this ship."
    "Oh, I met some people around the shipyard and well... everyone needs one these days, so I figure, why not," she rambled.
    "I see," Dalsuna took a step towards the door, "Enjoy yourself then. Oh, and you won't be needing my fleet mailing lists to keep in contact with your new found friends either," he stepped out, doors sliding shut behind him. Miranda dove for her terminal, to find that he had deleted the fleet mailing list. Only a few remained, Codyman... he'd know who else I can set Dal up with, she thought. Miranda sat down, writing another email.

    Dalsuna sat down at his terminal and started to sift through his paperwork. A signal came from his door. He sighed and keyed it open. The fleet commander, Stark walked in.
    "Man you got a small ship."
    "Size has little use when you have all the skills and tools to do the job correctly. What can I do for you?"
    "Well, first of all, Commander I need to talk to you about the fleet,"
    "Right," his terminal beeped, "after I check my mail. He gave a puzzled look, the message was from the PBF Academy XO, Carilla Shay. He keyed it up, reading it, he hissed. "Miranda..."

    Commander Losoda,
        I apologize for the delay in response to your sister's letter of introduction. I am surprised that your sister would tell me that I would receive an evening with you as a reward for recently completing your assignment from the PDD. Unfortunately, I must decline, I may be a little old for a youngster like you.

    Carilla Shay

    "Miranda..." Dalsuna hissed angrily. He clenched a fist and brought it down on his desk with a dull thud. "I'll be with you in a minute Stark. He began typing a responce.

    Captain Shay,

    Let me explain... My sister recently got her hands on an Alliance Holonet account. Not only that, she managed to slice into my personal records and copy all the addresses in my addressbook. I have reason to believe... no wait... I know she's trying to find me a girlfriend, if you wouldn't mind just ignoring her for the time being, I would be most greatful.

    Commander Dalsuna Losoda

    "Havin trouble with the ladies, Knight?" IronMan smirked, crossing his arms, and regarding Dalsuna with a sly look.
    "No trouble with them as a group... just one," he made a face, remembering why the fleet commander was in his quarters. "Right, the fleet..."

    Miranda applauded in triumph, "HA!" she opened the returning message from Codyman.

    I got the perfect girl for your brother... She's a battle group commander and a Jedi, you might know her from the fleet briefings.... she's got brown hair, and that Isard thing going with the eyes... she's a real looker, maybe we can get her to email Dal or something... Attached is her email address.


    Miranda opened up her comm channels and signaled Cody. She smiled as his image popped up on the screen.
    "It sounds good Cody, but, I've got a better idea... here's his comm frequency," she said, pushing a button.
    "Ohh, sweeet.... here we go, she's on call right now!" Cody laughed. "I'll be right back, I'm talking to her right now."

    "So I was thinkin, Knight, we could move more of our ships in-," Stark stopped as another interruption from the terminal emerged. Dalsuna turned and pressed a button. His display lit up with two pictures, Codyman in one, his sister in the other.
    "Hey Knight, what's up with you and Shay?" Cody inquired, a menacing grin on his face.
    "She's too old for me Cody, and I'd suggest you not help my sister in this matter," Dalsuna scowled.
    "More trouble with the ladies, Knight?" IronMan asked.
    "No, just the same one," Dalsuna shot back.
    "Dal, have you ever considered regular dating? Perhaps some natural light might help that complextion of yours," Miranda was smiling evily, a habit that showed everytime she plotted against her brother.
    "How about Tag Rendar?" Cody asked.
    "Tag... interestin' girl," IronMan quipped.
    "Don't you get started on this," Dalsuna set his jaw. His comm beeped again, and a third person joined in the comlink conversation. Her brown hair was laced with auburn highlights, and her eyes were mismatched. Dalsuna blinked, stunned by her appearance.
    "Cody, this better be good--what the?" she looked at her screen, two people she barely knew had appeared. The woman she knew as Miranda Losoda, a starship captain in the RgF. The other man, she hadn't met, but knew who he was. "Captain Losoda, Commander Losoda," she nodded to them.
    "We'll leave you two alone now," Cody cackled, and he and Miranda were gone. IronMan looked at Dalsuna for a moment and walked out the door, not saying a word.
    "I think we've been duped," Dalsuna said to his equally stunned counterpart displayed on the comlink.

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