Chapter 3

    Dalsuna pulled back on the hyperdrive levers, and the familiar starlines appeared and he appeared back in realspace. "All wings report in." He recieved acknowledgements from his wing and the Resistant, "Lock S-foils in attack posistion." Twelve X-wings and six B-wings opened up their wings, displaying a deadly arsenal of weaponry. "Resistant, report."
    "All systems report ready, we are charging weapons," Selen replied. Someone in the background swore, "Abort, Abort, Super Star Destroyer has arrived in the area. Repeat, Super Star Destroyer in the area. Dal, what do we do?"
    Dalsuna looked in horror as the dagger-shaped Star Destroyer came back into realspace in the path of their escape vector. "Abort, bug out, repeat, bug out. Find a new escape vector through the nebula, primary objectives are changed to taking out targets of oportunity. Hammer Flight, launch all your rockets at the closest ships, take out anything you can, and get back onboard the Resistant." Already, there were scores of TIEs heading straight at them. He didn't have time to hear the reports of targets being destroyed by the B-wings. They were already surrounded.


    "Admiral Undo, I'm reading one odd looking Maruader Corvette, and three and a half squadrons of fighters. They've just destroyed one of our resupply ships, they're on the move." In the distance, two carrack light crusiers erupted into flame and disintegrated, "We've just lost--"
    "I can see with my own eyes," the admiral looked at the tactical starmap displaying the Emperor's Hammer fleet and where the Rebel ships were. "Block their escape, kill them all, no prisoners."


    Another explosion lit the surrounding space as the Resistant cut a Lancer frigate in half, the two pieces spinning away from each other. Dalsuna shot through the growing gap between the fragments, around him, TIEs swarmed. He brought his targets up on the next ship in their path, a Corellian corvette, he fired a torpedo at it and watched as another 4 came from Saber Squadron. Another ship down, another step to safety. Rapier and Lancer squads did their best to keep Saber squadron and the Resistant free of fighters. The flaming cockpit of a TIE interceptor came spinning towards him and his wingman. "Break now!" he broke hard left, but his wingmate was not so lucky, the cockpit slammed into the canopy of his wingman's X-wing before exploding. Knight Wing had recieved its first casulty.
    "Hammer Flight, report."
    "We got plenty of rockets left."
    "Target the largest ship in front of us and fire them all, and get the hell out of here."
    "No can do sir, Interdictors have raised their gravity well fields, we can't jump. We'll try and keep the road clear."
    Dalsuna knew that the B-wings wouldn't last long while they were trying to run. They were in the middle of the Imperial fleet. In front of them loomed the Super Star Destroyer, his IFF computer tagged it as the Avenger. 
    "Knight Wing, Resistant, save what you can to get past the Avenger," he recieved various replies from his squadrons. Suddenly, a turbo laser bolt hit his forward shielding and vaporized his nose cone, his targeting computers and sensors went dead. "Resistant, this is Saber lead, I'm coming back aboard, I've lost half my equipment."
    "Acknowleged Saber lead, lower hanger is open." Dalsuna guided his dying X-wing into the hanger and leapt out, running for the bridge. The ship rocked with hits and collisions of parts of fighters and starships. His squadron comlink was still functioning, and he heard the comm chatter of his wing.
    "We've lost Hammer lead, repeat, Hammer lead is gone."
    "Got one!"
    "Rapier Six, look out!"
    "Ack--" the comm buzzed as Rapier Six was vaped by a TIE Advanced.
    "Hammer flight, this is Rapier lead, I'm heading in towards the Avenger, lock all warheads to my targeting telemetry, all avaible fighters, Resistant, please acknowledge," there was a bunch of panicked voices replying. Dalsuna reached the bridge of the Resistant.
    "Rapiers Two, Five, Six, Seven, Nine, Ten destroyed. Sabres Two, Four, Five, Eight, Nine, Eleven, destroyed. Lancers One, Five, Twelve destroyed, and Hammer Lead is gone."
    "Ship status?"
    "Weapons are recharging, we have warheads avaiable."
    "Lieutenant, I want you to empty all our magazines at that SSD, the bridge, weapons placements, shield generators, warhead launchers, anything."
    "Yes sir, Miranda's telemetry is coming in clear." Far off in the distance, the speck of Miranda's A-wing could be seen. Modification packages installed into Knight Wing's fighters included special sensor packages that targeted multiple areas of a target and sent it back to whoever was set to recieve it. In this case, the entire wing and the Resistant.
    "This is Rapier Lead, I'm in range, all fighters, and whoever's with me, fire on my mark."
    "Rapier Three is dead, Sabre Twelve is dead. We are down to sixty percent shields." TIE's exploded, an old frieghter served as a shield as the Resistant ducked behind it, covering part of it's aft section.
    "This is Rapier lead, fire!" A wall of yellow and blue erupted from the remaining fighters of Knight Wing, headed towards the shield generators. The Resistant fired volley after volley of rockets and torpedoes at the Avenger.
    "This is Rapier lead I'm past the Avenger, Rapier Four, Eight, and Eleven are with me, Twelve didn't make it. Requesting orders."
    "Miranda, make a run for it, we'll see you on the flip side."
    "I'm not leaving you!"
    "That's an order Commander, you will obey, keep those fighters on your side busy."
    "I copy," the voice came back weakly, yet powered by anger. Outside, two more X-wings fell victim to the sheer numbers of TIEs.


    "We've been badly damaged sir, we've lost power to our shields, we can't take anymore firepower those rebels can throw at us." Admiral Undo looked at his captain with dismay.
    "Very well, get us out of the way, order our ships to persue, do not let the rebel scum escape, chase them into the nebula."
    "Yes, sir, lancer frigates moving into pursuit. Imperial Star Destroyer Fury is in pursuit, frigates Iname and Possession are also pursuing."


    The Resistant rocked with a direct hit from a pursuing Star Destroyer. There was a noticable jolt after the hit, and the ship went a drift.
    "We've lost the NST drive, we're reconfiguring for standard propulsion." The ship resumed movement once again, but noticably much slower.
    "Selen, get crews on that now, I want that drive functional incase we need a burst of speed." A console on the bridge exploded, sending a crewman flying across the viewport.
    "Aye sir," he ran off down the corridor, in attempt to repair the drive. The ship rocked again. In front loomed the purple and blue mass of astral gas and dust.
    "What's in that nebula, Science?" Dalsuna asked, turning to the science officer.
    "Inital scans indicate high concentrations of oxygen, and hydrogen."
    "Weapons, I want to arm a spread of missles that will fire aft, and explode on a ten-second time limit. Fire on my mark."
    "Aye sir."
    "Rapier Lead has ejected, she's loose almost dead ahead, the rest of Rapier didn't make it Sir."
    "Get a tractor beam on her, pull her in, any others?" The Quarren scanner officer shook his squid-like head. Time for grieving later, Dalsuna thought. I hate losing friends. "Did we get her?"
    "Yeah, she's pretty roughed up, she's on her way the the infimary."
    "Knight Wing, report in."
    "Saber Three reporting in."
    "Lancer Two, I copy."
    "Lancer Six, here."
    There was a pause, and no other reports were recieved. I hate losing friends, Dalsuna thought. "Knight Wing, return to hangar, we're leaving this party." A minute later, what was left of Knight Wing returned onboard the Resistant.

    "Where are we?" Dalsuna yelled, over the growing number of explosions happening around him.
    "Almost out sir, at our current speed, five minutes."
    "Any sign of help?" he asked desperately.
    "No sir, not yet."
    "Selen, what's the status on the NST?"
    "One shot at it sir, it either works, or it blows out the entire engineering deck."
    "Alright, we either get out of this nebula alive, or we stay here for the rest of our lives, which will be a short period of time. Where are our tails?"
    "Coming in hot." as if on cue, the ship rocked again. This time everyone fell down or was thrown into a bulkhead. The inertial dampeners had failed. Rapid gravity changes, and changes in the ship's attitude, would be felt with extreme force. Crew members strapped in and braced themselves as best they could.
    "Weapons, fire aft launchers on my mark, engines, engage the NST right after."
    "Right. I got you."

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