Chapter 6

    Commodore Remona sat at his desk, on board the MC-80 Stingray, his office was sparsely decoracted, but welcoming. Dalsuna walked in, and saluted, waiting for Remona to return it. He guestured for him to sit.
    "I have some good news. Renegade Fleet needs a new squadron. Scorpion Wing in particular." Admiral Jim knocked and entered the room. Both officers saluted.
    "Good to see you again Captain Losoda, how are you finding Aqua Squadron in these past few months?"
    "Truthfully?" Dalsuna inquired, "I find it a little confining Sir, I feel, like I'm missing something,"
    "Well, you'll be happy to know that the Resistant is operational again," Remona said.
    "That is good to hear," Dalsuna replied, "but what does it have to to with me?"
    "There is an opening for a Squad Commanding Officer, in Scorpion Wing. It's yours if you want it." Dalsuna looked at both his commanding officers with a look of surprise.
    "Are you sure you want me? I've only technically been in the Alliance for six months. I mean, I have been promoted a number of times, but that still confuses me why you want me."
    "You've had years of expierence with White Squadron and Knight Wing, it would make sense that you take this posistion, you would also be able to choose where to stage the squadron from. It's up to you."
    Dalsuna looked down at this hands for a minute, and returned his gaze upwards, looking into the eyes of his admiral. "Rapier Squadron, onboard the Resistiant. Ready for mission assignment." It was time, he thought, to meet his new family.

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