It was mid-afternoon when Dalsuna staggered into the Bar and Grill. Tag was seated in her shady corner. A number of patrons noticed him, welcoming him and some badgering him
    "Hi, Gimpy Dal!"
    "I didn't vote against you, cousin," Tag looked up from her conversation with Chaos, "Dal!, what's wrong?" she asked with concern. Dalsuna ambled up to her table, eyeing Chaos suspisciously. Dalsuna's eyes were ringed with dark outlines. He smiled tiredly to Tag.
    "I'm just tired," he murmured.
    Tag shook her head, sending her brown hair flowing around her face, "C'mere," she called. He shuffled up to her, falling into a heap in the chair.
    "Don't tell me you didn't get any sleep last night," she said, glancing at him.
    "Dal didn't sleep," Cody repeated, raising and eyebrow, "neither did I, but for different reasons," he winked.
    "Four hours," Dalsuna muttered, raising four fingers.
    "Cody pulled! Tell me all the gossip, Mr CO," someone catcalled.
    "Nah, nothing like that, lil fun, but nothing like what Miranda was telling me about Dal and Tag over there," Cody said.
    Dalsuna tiredly glanced over to where Codyman was sitting, giving him a questioning look. Cody merely shrugged and went back to his paperwork. He turned back to Tag.
    "Do you have any idea who attacked us last night?" he asked Tag. She frowned, shrugging.
    "I don't know... I was kinda spacely last night," she said. He wrapped his arms around Tag, holding her for a moment. She winced, he pulled away quickly and eyed her with concern.
    "Are you alright?" he questioned.
    "Me? Yeah I guess," Tag grumbled.
    "Oh get a room," Chaos exclaimed. Both Dalsuna and Tag glared at him. Dalsuna broke off first to rub his sleep deprived eyes. He leaned back, and in a moment, dozed off.
    "Hell, all the women everywhere are taken," Cody cursed.
    Tag looked over in his direction, "Huh? Your fault for not hitting on me, Cody."
    "Do it before I have to knock you unconsicous," Chaos prompted. He pulled out his katana, "This time I will feel no guilt, Tag."
    Tag fingered her blaster, "Ha! You felt no guilt the last time! I'd not cross me, cousin, injured or not, I can still take you."
    "I felt guilt all day today, Tag."
    Dalsuna awoke, hearing the commotion. He pulled his blaster out, setting it down beside him.
    "Then why didn't you appologize to me, cousin?"
    Someone passing by struck Dalsuna on the head with his lightsaber.
    "Ow," Dalsuna grumbled, passing out. Tag glared at Yacks.
    "What was that for?" she growled. Dalsuna came around, rubbing his head. "Chris--you can request an audience and maybe things would be different."
    "What would I want a audience for?" Chaos argued.
    Dalsuna  put his feet up, relaxing. He tried not to doze off, tiredly keeping an eye on the room.
    "Hey Miranda," someone called as Dalsuna's sister entered the bar.
    "Hi," she smiled and waved to her admirers. She sat down in her easy chair, reclining and promptly falling asleep. Tag stood and stepped out into the washroom. Dalsuna looked at his chrono, he swore and ran out the door.
    "Hi Dave," Tag came back a number of minutes later, "How long has Dal been away?" nobody answered her, keeping to themselves. Tag sat and fidgeted, wondering when Dalsuna was coming back. She put her feet up on the table and dozed off.    

    Some time later, Dalsuna reentered the bar. Tag opened one eye, spotting him. Dalsuna sneaked in and kissed Tag on the cheek.
    Tag smiled, "Are you back now?"
    "Yeah, I'm here now," he replied softly.
    "Good," she said as he sat down beside her.
    "So how are you feeling?" he asked, stretching out.
    "Better, I suppose," she murmured, looking up at the ceiling.
    "You suppose? You're the only one that really knows," he commented jokingly.
    Tag smiled, "Yes, I suppose--not a whole lot better, just a very tiny bit."
    "Did you get any sleep last night?"
    "What did you think I was doing? The reason I don't feel any better is because I didn't have the energy to drift into a trance and speed up healing."
    Someone nearby coughed, nearly choking on something. He broke out laughing. Miranda had moved to where he sat, telling him some wild story.
    Dalsuna dismissed a thought and held Tag, smiling. "Maybe you wont be so tired tonight."
    "I'm not sure," she said drowsily.Mike approached the two, handing Tag a mug of cocoa.
    "So how do you like my ship?" Dalsuna beamed.
    She smiled, "It's nice," she sipped her cocoa.
    "Yeah... too bad you didn't get to see all of it," he said, "Whoever attacked us is going to get it bad when I find them."
    "Maybe someday I will.....just not until I can walk on my own again, I think."
    "But those guys who attacked us hit us in the right spot," he explained, while she nodded. She tilted her head, resting it on his shoulder. "The Resistant won't have shields again until later tonight."
    "You can evac to the Sanctuary."
    "No... we got it handled, it's minor damage... it's being fixed in the orbital repair yard right now."
    "I find it rather ironic that you told me that I'd be safer aboard your ship rather than my own fleet's medship and we get attacked before ever breaking orbit."
    "I find it rather suspicious," he narrowed his eyes at Chaos. "Any other ship wouldn't have gotten away."
    Tag carefully pulled a large blanket out of her pack and pulled it over herself and Dalsuna.
    "How many things do you have in that pack of yours?" he asked, amused.
    Tag smiled,  "Many wonderous things," she beamed. He leaned over and kissed her.
    "You have as many cool toys as I do," he said, probing the contents of the bag.
    Tag inclined her head, "Perhaps, one is never sure," she said coyly.
    Dalsuna pulled her closer, "So what's up with Chaos?"
    "He has the Force back," she hesitated.
    "Is he still after the Council?"
    "I'm not sure.....I don't think so."
    "So where are you planning to go tonight?" he asked lazily. Tag drew a deep breath slowly.
    "The Sanctuary, I've got some work to do," she said, looking at her chrono, "Looks like I have to be going," she said, standing up.
    "I'll walk you out," he said, standing. He folded up the blanket and placed it back into the bag. The two left the Bar and Grill. All eyes and ears turned to Miranda, who smiled.
    "Have I got a story to tell you," she grinned. "They spent last night in his room, and when I knocked this morning, she answered the door wearing one of his robes... and nothing else. I'll leave the rest to your capable imaginations," her eyes sparkled mischieviously as she slid out of the bar.

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