Miranda stepped out of the simulator, a little more sure footed than in recent days. She was almost happy that she could perform this well after so long.
    "Congrats, Captain Losoda, you scored 1200 out of a possible 1500," Lucas Stark said, jogging over to where she was standing, "Time for that drink?"
    "I don't think so, Lucas," she said, running her hand through her hair, "I think I'll get some sleep."
    The IronMan, deciding against another of his witty remarks, let her go, not wanting to endanger any of the progress they had made today. She was one step closer to flying again.


    Miranda stepped into her quarters onboard the Resistand and flopped down onto the bunk, immediately dropping off to sleep. Dreams would haunt her throughout the night, despite her levied mood. 

    She was in her A-wing, and she was in a battle, around her, TIEs were swarming, ahead, there was a nebula, she looked behind, her movements were sluggish, her vision was blurred, but she could make out the grey shape in the distance behind her. The Resistant grew smaller and smaller as her A-wing blazed on. Miranda turned her head, the nebula was not blocked out by the dagger shape of a Super Star Destroyer. Only one thought entered her sluggish mind, a thought that chilled her to the bone, the one name that could freeze her where she stood. Minos.


    Commander Selan stepped into the office of the Fleet Quartermaster. He ran his hand through his ragged hair, the other hand  gripped a datapad. He sat down at the desk, taking a moment to arrange his materials.
    "What can I do for you?" the droid asked in a metallic whine.
    "This is the list of materials needed for the Resistant," he handed the droid the datapad.
    The droid examined the readouts and almost growled over them, "These materials are costly, and rare, it will take some time to locate them in Alliance supply depots."
    "It doesn't matter how you get them, just get them. The Resistant is quite capable of paying any amount required."
"As you wish. Your list is number 12 in the current queue,"
    Selan grumbled, those items were needed for the Resistant's special needs, with all the modifications and new weaponry, such as the Ion Pulse torpedoes they used instead of ion cannons. The projectiles for the CU Pulse were also costly to produce. They utilized special compounds and explosives combined with a special blaster cannon to produce it's deadly results. All of these items had to be assembled and refined onboard the Resistant, any delays in the process would hamper upcoming missions.
    "Make that list your priority if you can, we'll need those supplies before we leave at the latest," with that, he rose and left the office.


     Miranda tapped the side of her helmet, the comm was buzzing. The Super Star Destroyer was doing it's best to jam all the local transmissions. The distruption worsened as what remained of her squad approached.
    "Lead, this is 3, I need help, I got fighter's on me," Three's frightened voice came crackling through the comm.
    "I hear you 3, punch your throttle, I'm dropping back," she eased her throttle back and watched her squadmate shoot by. Seconds later, three TIEs shot past, in pursuit. As they went by, Miranda throttled back up and engaged the TIEs, two were floating debris when the third managed to hit Rapier 3. The TIE exploded soon after, Miranda shot through the flames, something hit her canopy, as she cleared the melee. The body of her squadmate spun away into the darkness of space as Miranada flew on. The Super Star Destroyer loomed larger. Her warhead locks started ticking away as the sensor package started picking up various components on the ship and locked on. The computer's clear tone filled the cockpit as she emptied her missle magazines. Around her, dozens of missles shot passed, fired by what was left of the fighters and the Resistant. Then, she was directly over the Imperial command ship. It's turbolasers started firing at her as she did her best to avoid them. Her fighter rocked, and she began spinning.
    "This is Rapier lead, I've lost control," nobody replied, smoke filled the cockpit as her systems started failing. She looked at the distance finder, she was a safe distance away from the Destroyer, she tried to reach for the ejection levers behind her head. Gravity held her arms down, the inertial compensator had failed. Her spin was creating a force that kept her arms pinned to her seat. With an exasperated screech, she tried to hit the lever with her flight helmet.  Sparks flew from her console as her ship continued to protest the damage it had sustained. Her second attempt at the lever got her closer, she sqinted at the lever, concentrating, and, with all her strength and concentration, she lunged, the lever fell away. Explosive charges blew the canopy off the A-wing, and as her fighter was consumed by an explosion, she was thrown into space. The last of the Rapiers drifted in space, unconcious.

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