The ship's doctor, Lieutenant Coplet, handed Dalsuna a datapad. "I'm sorry, but these are the latest findings in regarding her flight status."
    Dalsuna looked over the pad with dismay. 'Extreme case of claustrophobia while in a cockpit' was labeled in dark letters. He skipped  down the contents of the pad, knowing the rest was also bad news. At the end of the file was a small note, 'Ship's doctor orders that Captain Miranda Losoda remain grounded due to emotional and mental trauma suffered in her last mission.' "Thank you doctor, that will be all," Dalsuna said, waving Coplet out of his office. He shook his head. He often wondered what was going on inside his sister's head. He found her a more than competent captain of a starship, where he intended to keep her, but it would have been nice if she would've been able to fly a combat mission in her A-wing again. IronMan's work had been for nothing. Miranda's recent in cockpit sortie had failed miserably. She ended up having a claustrophobic attack while she and IronMan were patroling the shipyard. Her A-wing had to be tractored in and thouroghly cleaned before it returned to service. Miranda was now in her quarters, resting. Dalsuna stood, pulling his uniform straight. He stepped out into the corridor of the Resistant and turned, heading for the stairs. He climbed up 2 decks to the first deck, where the captains quarters and main bridge were located. He walked towards the front of the ship, to his sister's room.
    Sighing heavily, he pressed the signal button. The door slid open to reveal Miranda at her desk leaning over her computer terminal.
    "Miranda, about your last medical report," he started.
    She waved him off and continued typing something into the terminal, "Don't worry Dal, I'd be more usefull commanding the Resistant. Maybe sometime I can fly again, but right now, I've got things to worry about."
    "Are you sure about this? Stark's worked with you for over a month now. I'd hate to give up now."
    "I don't find him all that interesting anymore," she stood, shooing him out of her room. " I have things to do... now if you don't mind."
    "But..." the door slid shut infront of him. Dalsuna stood there for a moment puzzled. His comlink beeped when he was about to reenter her room. He picked it up and thumbed it. It's screen buzzed to life, displaying Admiral Jim's image.
    "Lieutenant Commander Losoda, report to my office immediately."
    "Yes, Sir." Miranda was forgotten as he hurried to the airlock and back into the shipyard.

    Jim, Stark and Major Rich were in the office as Dalsuna entered. "What's up?" he asked, as he saluted. Jim turned to Dalsuna with a somber face.
    "I'm stepping down for an unknown amount of time. The three of us have discussed this over and we've decided that you're being promoted to Fleet XO while Stark is bumped up to Fleet CO." Dalsuna stood there, his mouth moving, but no sound emerging.
    "I don't know what to say Sir."
    "Say you'll do your best to keep this fleet running smoothly, Commander," Jim saluted. "I stand relieved Brigadier General Stark." He left the room, the three men stood for a moment, the feeling just starting to sink in.
    "Command Staff overhaul for Scorpion Wing, IM, right now."
    "I hear ya."

    Miranda trumphantly shook her fist as her display came to life. The Alliance Holonet... here on her personal work station... now all she had to do was to slice into Dalsuna's email records to get a proper mailing list running. She'd start with finding a date for her brother... he needed someone else to worry about. She was tired of all the attention he was giving her. It was time to find him a girlfriend... his life needed more than his daily work. Who was first on the list? Carilla Shay... there was work to be done, she thought.