Yeah, I've got alter-egos that live in the Star Wars universe.  It's a fun place to play, if you ask me.  Each of my characters listed here will have a brief blurb following them about who they are.  In some cases, you'll be able to access their dossier.

Indiana Bridger My main character in RS.  She's the CO of the Aurora Force.
Tag Rendar Losoda My first Star Wars character that I ever played online.  At first, Tag was an AOL woman, then when I switched over to IRC, she started making appearances there.  She's the CO of Task Force Deliverance.
Nylan Bridger Actually my second character, but he holds more of a supporting role than anything.  He's Indy's cousin and Tag's first love.  Nylan is now tortured by his love for Lady Sildrin, a Sith Lady of the Dark Brotherhood--it's hard for a Jedi Master to maintain a relationship with a Sith.
Slate Bridger My second NPC to come up in RS (Indy was first, followed by Tag, who was the first NPC), Slate Bridger is Indy's older brother.  He served the Rebel Alliance as the leader of a Rebel cell on Coruscant until his near-death in an ambush.  He later married his Intel liaison, Karrially Darjinn.
Karrially Darjinn An officer with NRI, Karrially met her husband, Slate, on Coruscant during the Rebellion.  Several years after its end the pair eloped while Karrially was assigned to the Aurora Force as an Intel liaison.
Kingston Taylor This is one of the characters I created for the Kartuiin Sector Conflict and have come to really love.  She's a fighter pilot who defected with the Rand Ecliptic, got her own squadron, served from Yavin to Bakura, got captured, lost her squadron, and then resurrected it later to serve Aurora Force.  She met and married Robert Drake soon after she was rescued from the Imperial Prison ship Caraban.
Davil Bullian Indy's eldest biological son, Davil will later become a Jedi and chief engineer aboard the Legacy.  He was a "deep well of the Force" at an early age and has since grown into quite a Jedi in his own right.
Arilyn Bullian Indy's eldest daughter, Arilyn will later join the New Republic Hunter Corps (ie bounty hunters who only serve the New Republic).  She is diagnosed with Coleric's Syndrome several days prior to her seventeenth birthday and since then has tried to keep knowledge of her illness limited.  She was near death for a time until her brother miraculously managed to heal her, and now her whereabouts are unknown.
Mary Bullian Indy's second eldest daughter, Mary will later become the second-in-command to Corsem Losoda, who leads the fighter squadron for the Legacy.  Her childhood relationship with Cay Bel Iblis has grown deeper and stronger over the years, and the pair is very much in love.
Corsem Losoda Tag's eldest child by her husband Dalsuna Losoda, Corsem will later become the starfighter commander for the Legacy.
Ashlyn Bridger Slate's eldest daughter, Ashlyn will follow in the footsteps of her mother and become an NRI agent.  She's connected to Coadey Taurles, the son of a family friend.
Allie Drake Kingston's daughter, Allie will later become the chief of security aboard the Legacy.
Karinlyyn Chase Nylan's younger sister, who makes cameo guest appearances from time to time.  She's deeply in love with the Kel-Solan twins, Trystan and Jarod, and has agreed to marry Jarod as soon as humanly possible.  She's got two sons, Trystan Chase and Mackenzie.
Rayn Miller Rayn is the younger sister of Ryan Miller, an NRI agent.  Rayn is a veteran of the Galactic Civil War herself and is a pilot of some skill.  Right now, she's pretty much attached at the hip to Rooks Taurles.
Quinn Rendar Bridger The grandmother of Slate, Nylan, Indy, and Karinlyyn, Quinn is one of the Twin Dragons, infamous during the Clone Wars.  She is also known as the White Dragon and is sister-in-law to my friend's character, Infinity Bridger.
Quinlin Rendar The grandfather of Tag, Quinlin is one of the Twin Dragons, infamous during the Clone Wars.  He is also known as the Blue Dragon.
Hadrian Bridger Hadrian Bridger is the husband of Quinn Rendar Bridger and a Jedi in his own right, although he's always had a hard time admitting that.  He spent decades working for the Corellian Security Force before fleeing Corellia with the Twin Dragons and Xoyya Fel Rendar in order to protect their children from the Jedi Purge, as well as to preserve their own lives.
Ryven Rendar An ancestor of the Twin Dragons, Ryven Rendar was a member of the Jedi Council about 500 years after the Sith Wars.  He is the son of Colin Rendar, former head of the Jedi Council and current patriarch of the Rendar family.
Karinlyyn Rendar The sister and padawan of Ryven, Karinlyyn stepped away from her Jedi heritage to become a Defender Bladesman--those people who would later come to be known as the Sinath.  She has since returned to the Jedi way and has become my primary character for Aurora Force's Distant Past storyline.

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