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Conceli VIII


         Conceli VIII, one of the middling worlds of the Kartuiin Sector, recently rebelled against the forces of the late Warlord Vertil Dargan which now serve under Imperial Governor Tegan Dargan. The world is now non-aligned and under the rulership of Governor Lachlan Hoode.


Environment and Geography

          Conceli VIII is a warm world, but temperate. Seasonal changes are notable. The polar regions remain cold throughout the year while the equatorial regions remain warm year round. Both regions suffer from strong storms. Rivers flood in the spring and early summer with melt from colder regions, leaving the Kiveria River Valley on the continent of Quara a particularly fertile region. The Quaran Plains, as well, are also a very fertile region. The Kiveria River is a major feature on Quara, but the Quaran Plains are the dominant feature.
          The second of the continents on Conceli VIII, Graxia, is dominated by mountain ranges, deep, fertile valleys, and highland forests. One of the coastal ranges of Graxia, the Vocara Range, is volcanic and the region surrounding the range is prone to earthquakes.
          The neighboring continent of Nishta shares the mountainous nature of the continent of Graxia. Mines on the continent produce a wealth of minerals.
          The island of Miryia is situated between the three continents, in the heart of the Evara Sea. This sea is deeper than most of the world's oceans, and is rich in sea life and mineral wealth.
          Volcanic islands and atolls dominate the world's oceans, aside from the trio of continents. Two other continents are glacial and barren of life.



          The planetary capital of Conceli VIII is Dhars, on the continent of Graxia, and is located on a highland plateau and has its suburbs in the valley below. The city grew from a spaceport into the center of all trade and culture of the system. The Yarst Museum in Dhars houses the largest collection of artifacts in the sector. Also located in the city are the Concelan Senate House and Grax Palace. Dhars was also the system capital of the Conceli System. The head of the garrison in Dhars was Malaquae Otouras.
          Karlyle is the capital of the state of Quara and set in the midland plains of the main continent. It houses Kidira Maras Spaceport and the main campus of Quara University. The city is also home to the University of Karlyle. Karlyle is the center for commerce for the continent of Quara and transport to other continents. The region surrounding Karlyle is largely agricultural in nature. The garrison in Karlyle was formerly led by Varius Corday.
          The other major city on Quara is Lis, known to locals as "Black City." Illicit activities abound here. The city, however, is home to a campus of Quara University. The head of forces in Lis was Yael Macullic.
          Farview, the mountain-city capital of Nishta, is located in the high peaks of a coastal mountain range. It is home to the Farview Municipal Spaceport and Farview College for the Liberal Arts and Sciences. The head of the garrison at Farview was Tawny Breen.
          Vista is the other major city of Nishta. It is home to the Culinary School of Vista. Vista is a major seaport, but not a spaceport. The head of the forces at Vista was Maria Cullen.
          Indio, the single major city on the island of Miryia, is home to the Jasper Spaceport. It is a major center for tourism and underwater mining, as well as being a major seaport. The head of forces at Indio was Erik Travell.



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