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         Xenen, one of the outlying worlds of the Kartuiin Sector, was until recently held by the forces of Warlord Vertil Dargan and later his daughter, Tegan Dargan.  The world fell approximately three years ago to the Rebel sect known as the Aurora Force, which now has based its operations on the world, outside of the city of Quis.  Current intelligence is sketchy on what changes have been made since the Rebels’ occupation of the world.


Environment and Geography

          Xenen is a temperate world, if cool.  Seasonal changes are slight, but noticeable.  The polar regions remain cold year-round, with minimal seasonal melt.  The equatorial regions remain warm year-round, suffering from hurricanes during the summer and fall.  Rivers flood in the spring and early summer with melt from colder regions, making the Naveda Plains surrounding the Ashkar River and its tributaries an especially fertile area.  The Ashkar River is a major feature of Xenen’s main continent, Calder.  Another major feature of the continent is the Kinvou Valley, carved by seismic activity and the Questor River, which begins at Krator Lake amongst the Kintara Range of volcanoes and mountains.  The Daraval Forest is located in the Kinvou Valley.  Also of note are the geological features of the Northern Reaches of Xenen, including vents, geysers, and volcanoes amongst tundra and glaciers surrounding Xenen’s northern pole.  The peak of Mount Cassidy is the second highest elevation in the Kartuiin Sector, towering at 8,611 m above sea level.
          A small chain of islands (the Chin’yai) off the coast of Calder link it to Uriv, the second of four continents on Xenen.  Uriv is home to the Kantana River and the Targos Mountain Range.  The third continent, Zannar, is the smallest of the four, and is dominated by the volcanic Yantara Range and uninhabitable salt flats and deserts more inhospitable than those found on Tatooine.  The fourth and final continent is Artica, which is a small slab of land eternally covered by glacier at Xenen’s southern pole.



          The capital of Xenen is Novis, located on the flood plain of the Ashkar River.  It grew from a simple farmer’s market into a major industrial, agricultural, and cultural center.  Xenen University has its main campus within the city limits and it is the former location of the Dargan School of Military Science before the fall of the world to Rebel forces.  Also, Carsa Spaceport is located within the city limits.  Areas surrounding the city remain largely agricultural in nature, due to the fertility of the Naveda Plain.  The commander of the Imperial garrison at Novis was Evander Karlston.
          Vendra is an agricultural and industrial center, also located on the Naveda Plain.  It is the location of Fanel Spaceport and formerly the location of an Imperial garrison led by Darius White.
          Quis, the current stronghold for Rebel forces on Xenen, was once home to one of the grandest Imperial libraries off Coruscant: The Library of Serah, named for the late wife of Warlord Vertil Dargan.  The Library of Serah is the greatest repository of knowledge regarding the Kartuiin Sector anywhere, surpassing even the Imperial Library on Coruscant in volumes concerning the area as well as possessing some major historical documents from the Core, brought by colonists under the Old Republic.  The city is also home to Serah University, one of the Rim’s premier private colleges.  It is also home to a thriving youth subculture and the Yaraven Spaceport.  Currently, it is being held by Rebel forces, who have constructed a base not far from the city limits, deeper into the Kinvou Valley and near the edge of the Daraval Forest.  The Imperial garrison at Quis was led by Ryan Beltar.
          Had Addan is the gateway to the Northern Reaches.  The tundra city is a trade center, spaceport, and major scientific outpost.  It is home to Wilmas Young Spaceport and Xenen University’s Had Addan campus, which houses the schools of zoology, biology, and geology, among others.  Had Addan’s Imperial garrison was led by Tania Mackan.
          Osiris, located at the edge of the Naveda Plain, is home to a minor spaceport and is a stop for those traveling between the more settled northerly areas of Xenen’s Calder continent.  It is also a trading city for agricultural products and is home to some minor industry.
          Berenbor, in the foothills of the Kintara Mountains, is a little-used spaceport.  It is situated along the Questor River and at the mouth of the Talshal Pass, one of the few routes from the Kinvou Valley to the ocean.
          Yist is located along the coast and is a port city.  It is the jumping-off point for ships heading toward Uriv, as well as for ships going to the open-water drilling rigs or the deep sea fishing lanes.
          San Insia, situated on the Questor River delta and the Calder’s coastline, is just northeast of the first of the Chin’yai Islands.  It is a starting point for many pleasure cruises and the Chin’yai Islands’ main source of supplies.  San Insia is known for its fine cuisine and rapidly changing fashion trends.  The leader of the Imperial garrison at San Insia was Darvin Tarcas.
          Pormyst is the gateway to Uriv.  It is a small outpost on the northern coast of Uriv and serves mostly ships bringing settlers or supplies to the continent, as well as settlers from farther inland on Uriv.  There was no garrison at Pormyst, only a group of Imperial Rangers under Colonel Traven Graze.



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