Former Governor of Conceli VIII

Name:Lavrin Millard
Aliases/Nicknames: None
Age: 33
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown and gray
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 243 lbs
Misc Data:
    Born on Coruscant to Thyferran parents, Lavrin Millard was later transported to Conceli VIII, where his father was serving in a garrison force. Lavrin fell in love with the planet and decided that it was where he would spend his life. His parents, however, had already planned out his life.
    At the age of seventeen, Lavrin was sent to Xenen to study at the University. His parents intended for him to study military science and later go on to the Imperial Military Academy at Cardia, but Lavrin went against their wishes and studied law and political science. Several years later, he returned to Conceli VIII after being rather vocal in Xenen's politics. Recognizing the young man's talent, the late Governor Yarst of Conceli VIII took him on as an assistant. After Yarst's death, Lavrin deftly undercut the line of succession and became Governor of Conceli VIII and has served faithfully in that capacity
until the Conceli Revolution, which liberated the world from Imperial control.  Millard was revealed to have Republic ties and was ousted from office.  He has since fled the system and lives on Conceli VIII, where he is pursuing a law degree.


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