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Report by Maj. Izra Dargan, New Republic Military


          Three years ago, the NRM division known as the Aurora Force undertook a mission to liberate the Imperial-held world of Xenen, in the Kartuiin Sector.  Now, the world is the location of Shay Memorial Military Base, home of the Aurora Force, Ice Squadron, Tigress Squadron, and the 58TH Squadron of New Republic Commandos.


Environment and Geography <From Imperial Survey, Republic Survey Forthcoming>

          Xenen is a temperate world, if cool.  Seasonal changes are slight, but noticeable.  The polar regions remain cold year-round, with minimal seasonal melt.  The equatorial regions remain warm year-round, suffering from hurricanes during the summer and fall.  Rivers flood in the spring and early summer with melt from colder regions, making the Naveda Plains surrounding the Ashkar River and its tributaries an especially fertile area.  The Ashkar River is a major feature of Xenen’s main continent, Calder.  Another major feature of the continent is the Kinvou Valley, carved by seismic activity and the Questor River, which begins at Krator Lake amongst the Kintara Range of volcanoes and mountains.  The Daraval Forest is located in the Kinvou Valley.  Also of note are the geological features of the Northern Reaches of Xenen, including vents, geysers, and volcanoes amongst tundra and glaciers surrounding Xenen’s northern pole.  The peak of Mount Cassidy is the second highest elevation in the Kartuiin Sector, towering at 8,611 m above sea level.
          A small chain of islands (the Chin’yai) off the coast of Calder link it to Uriv, the second of four continents on Xenen.  Uriv is home to the Kantana River and the Targos Mountain Range.  The third continent, Zannar, is the smallest of the four, and is dominated by the volcanic Yantara Range and uninhabitable salt flats and deserts more inhospitable than those found on Tatooine.  The fourth and final continent is Artica, which is a small slab of land eternally covered by glacier at Xenen’s southern pole.



          The capital of Xenen is Novis, located on the flood plain of the Ashkar River.  It grew from a simple farmer’s market into a major industrial, agricultural, and cultural center.  Xenen University has its main campus within the city limits and the Ross School of Military Science.  Novis is also the home of the planetary legislature, to which representatives from sixteen areas of Calder, two representatives from the Chin’yai Islands, and three representatives from Uriv are elected and sent.  Novis is the seat of government for Xenen.  Also within the city limits is Carsa Spaceport, named for Old Republic era flight pioneer Francine Carsa, the daughter of local settlers.  The areas surrounding Novis were formerly home to large farming combines that were under Imperial control.  New legislation has put land back into the hands of families who hereditarily held the land and worked it.
          Vendra is an agricultural and industrial center, also located on the Naveda Plain.  It is the location of Fanel Spaceport, named for courageous freighter pilot Vance Fanel who risked death to rescue stranded climbers from high altitudes in the treacherous Kintara Mountains during one of the worst snowstorms in Xenen’s recorded history.  The major industries in Vendra are the production of transiparisteel and the production of pharmaceuticals.  The firms that produce the products are locally owned and owe no allegiance to the Empire.
          Quis, the home of Shay Memorial Military Base, is also home to one of the largest and most comprehensive libraries off Coruscant: The Library of Serah, named for the late wife of Warlord Vertil Dargan.  The Library of Serah is the greatest repository of knowledge regarding the Kartuiin Sector anywhere, surpassing even the Imperial Library on Coruscant in volumes concerning the area as well as possessing some major historical documents from the Core, brought by colonists under the Old Republic.  The city is also home to Serah University, one of the Rim’s premier private colleges.  There is a thriving youth subculture and nightlife in Quis.  The Yaraven Spaceport is also located in Quis, and is named for a local fighter pilot, Matthew Yaraven, who served in the Clone Wars.  Shay Memorial Military Base is located outside the city proper, with grounds stretching into the Daraval Forest.
          Had Addan is the gateway to the Northern Reaches.  The tundra city is a trade center, spaceport, and major scientific outpost.  It is home to Wilmas Young Spaceport, which is named for scientist and explorer Wilmas Young, the first individual to reach Xenen’s northern pole.  Had Addan is also home to the winter training grounds for the Aurora Force’s Blood Squadron, which liberated from the now-defunct 72nd Division of the Imperial Army a set of AT-ST Mk IIs.  In addition, it is the home to Xenen University – Had Addan campus, which houses the schools of zoology, biology, and geology, among others.
          Osiris, located at the edge of the Naveda Plain, is home to a minor spaceport and is a stop for those traveling between the more settled northerly areas of Xenen’s Calder continent.  It is also a trading city for agricultural products and is home to many crafters, who have turned their textile work, fed by local herders, into a thriving industry.
          Berenbor, in the foothills of the Kintara Mountains, is a small and well-maintained spaceport.  It is situated along the Questor River and at the mouth of the Talshal Pass, one of the few routes from the Kinvou Valley to the ocean.  It has become a center for downriver shipping from the Kinvou Valley south.
          Yist is located along the coast and is a port city.  It is the jumping-off point for ships heading toward Uriv, as well as for ships going to the open-water drilling rigs or the deep sea fishing lanes.  Since the New Republic took the world, a thriving community of Mon Cal and Quarren has arisen in the quieter port city.
          San Insia, situated on the Questor River delta and Calder’s coastline, is just northeast of the first of the Chin’yai Islands.  It is a starting point for many pleasure cruises and the Chin’yai Islands’ main source of supplies.  San Insia is known for its fine cuisine, thriving night-life, and rapidly changing fashion trends.  It is a well-known vacation spot and is open to all comers.
Pormyst is the gateway to Uriv.  The city is a thriving community serving settlers on their way to Uriv’s rustic frontiers, ships bringing supplies or picking up exotics, and vacationers out to resorts just beyond the city seeking a little bit of adventure.  Since the end of Imperial occupation, many settlements have sprung up on the continent of Uriv, with several more areas beginning to create their own trade centers beyond Uriv.



          Xenen’s planetary government is a legislative body that serves a two year term in Novis, the capital.  Sixteen representatives are elected from areas of Calder, three representatives are elected from Uriv, and two representatives are elected from the Chin’yai Islands to represent the populace in the main legislature of Xenen.  Provincial legislatures hold most of the power on Xenen, which has seventeen legislative districts and multiple local governments.  The current liaison for the New Republic Military to Xenen’s planetary government is Major Nylan Bridger, late of New Republic Procurement and Supply.


New Republic Military Representation

          The New Republic Military is represented on Xenen by four units:  the Aurora Force, Ice Squadron, Tigress Squadron, and the 58TH Squadron of New Republic Commandos.  All share a main base of operations at Shay Memorial Military Base, named for the late Carilla Shay, one of the original members of the Aurora Force, with the exception of Tigress Squadron, which is based in Novis.
          The Aurora Force is commanded by General Indiana Bridger, a veteran of the Minos Cluster Conflict and now in command of the New Republic’s forces in the Kartuiin Sector.  The Aurora Force consists of two wings, Eclipse and Backlash, and seven squadrons (Harbinger, Corsair, and Lightning in Eclipse and Blood, Avalanche, Redstar, and Nebula in Backlash).  The Aurora Force also has within it a special operations unit (Aurora Special Forces) and an internal training academy run by a squadron of instructors known as Indigo Skies.  Attached to Aurora Force are three fleets, the main fleet, the border fleet, and the reserve fleet, the flagship of the fleet being the ISD-II Dashan, on which Eclipse Wing, which specializes in urban combat and starfighter operations, is based when not on Xenen.
          Operating as independent units attached to the Aurora Force are Ice Squadron under Commander Kingston “Ice” Taylor-Drake, Tigress Squadron under Major Keena Naduma, and the 58TH Squadron of New Republic Commandos under Major Slate Bridger.  Ice Squadron is a rebuilt version of the squadron which Commander Taylor-Drake led during the Galactic Civil War.  The squadron was decommissioned after the war ended and recommissioned at the behest of Taylor-Drake and General Tag Rendar, commander of the Deliverance Task Force.  Tigress Squadron is a former part of the now-disbanded Sun Tzu Corps, which was formerly under the command of Alec Jaggers.  The squadron is under the command of Major Keena Naduma, veteran of the rebellion on Chenar and is the first individual from Chenar to join the New Republic Military.  The unit is hand-picked for various skills and is a starfighter/commando unit similar to Wedge Antilles' Wraith Squadron and is based in Novis.  The 58TH Squadron of New Republic Commandos was created from elements of resistance cells from the Core.  They are urban commandos under the command of Slate Bridger, a former CorSec cadet and a veteran of many a street fight on Coruscant prior to the world’s fall to Republic forces.  The unit has been attached to the Aurora Force to help train the commandos of the fleet.



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