Welcome aboard the ISD Dashan, flagship of the Aurora Force and home of the KSCBO. From this room you can find information on the worlds of the Kartuiin Sector and data on the operations that freed them.
    The Aurora Force is currently stationed on Xenen, in the city of Quis.


Vormari III
Norvid V
Conceli VIII
Conceli IX
Bizfin I
Gespatian III
Kimoa II


Izra Dargan ~ New Republic
Taymie Dargan
Tegan Dargan ~ Governor of the Kartuiin Sector
Darth Ispa (Thomas Bullian) ~ Sith Brotherhood
Tshel Kahn ~ Kartuiin Imperials/Administrator of Norvid V
Yarvind Kel ~ Kartuiin Imperials
Winston Kiel ~ Former Governor of Xenen
Lavrin Millard ~ Former Governor of Conceli VIII
Kingston Taylor ~ New Republic
Marie Dargan Taylor ~ Kartuiin Imperials
Torvin Taylor ~ Kartuiin Imperials
Jex Turkana ~ Governor of Vormari III
Tiras Variner ~ Imperial Navy
Ashal Vidind ~ Kartuiin Imperials


Xenen Campaign: Original Quis Briefings
Xenen Campaign: The Xenenite Rebellion
Xenen Campaign: Original Novis Briefing


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Kartuiin Sector Conflict concept by GEN Indiana Bridger, The Rebel Squadrons
Kimoa II created by MAJ Aragorn Blight (ret.), The Rebel Squadrons
Tiras Variner and Darth Ispa by COM Carlos Delong, The Rebel Squadrons
Briefings by GEN Indiana Bridger and COM Troy Nexus (ret.), The Rebel Squadrons
The Xenenite Rebellion Story by MGN Mike Bullian (aka Tyrin Drax), RA Mon Remona (ret.), LCOL Alex Foley (ret.), MAJ Deadmeet (ret.), MAJ Aragorn Blight (ret.), and GEN Indiana Bridger; The Rebel Squadrons
Imperial Record and New Republic Record images by GEN Indiana Bridger and MGN Mike Bullian (Tyrin Drax); The Rebel Squadrons
Chenar and Tigress Squadron by LCM Trosa Aldair, The Rebel Squadrons


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