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Kingston Taylor

Name: Kingston Taylor
Known aliases: Avatar
Age (as of Endor): 23
Eyes: Silver
Hair: Silver
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 102 lbs.
Homeworld: Commenor
Species: Human
Threat Code: D

Kingston Taylor is the daughter of Admiral Torvin Taylor of the ISD-II Iceheart and Captain Marie Dargan, also of the ISD-II Iceheart.  She was raised both on the planet Commenor by the parents of Torvin Taylor, Xander Taylor and Alisa Carvill and aboard the dreadnaught Hammer Blow.  Taylor won an appointment to the Imperial Academy at Prefsbelt IV under ace TIE pilot Soontir Fel.  She graduated near the top of the class, despite her disadvantages.  She was assigned as backup pilot aboard the Rand Ecliptic on its last voyage.

Taylor resurfaced sixteen months later as a member of the Rebel Alliance.  she was taken into Imperial custody approximately eight days after the cessation of hostilities at Bakura and after preliminary questioning was sent to the prison ship Caraban, under the jurisdiction of Dr. Sydress.  There, Taylor was involved in experiments 7433-9472.  She lost her vision and all memory of her past.

After the loss of the Caraban and the shutting down of the project, Taylor was identified as working with a Rimside unit for the Rebellion, the Aurora Force.  She operates almost exclusively in the Kartuiin Sector, which is currently ruled by Tegan Dargan.

If Taylor is encountered, she is to be considered armed and dangerous.  Current orders are that she be brought into custody alive.


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