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Kingston Taylor Drake

Name: Kingston Taylor Drake
Calsign/Code name: Ice, Avatar
Age (as of Endor): 23
Eyes: Silver
Hair: Silver
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 102 lbs.
Homeworld: Commenor
Species: Human

Kingston Taylor Drake is the daughter of Torvin Taylor and Marie Dargan Taylor, both of the Imperial Navy.  She was trained as a starfighter pilot under Soontir Fel at the Imperial Academy at Prefsbelt IV and came to the Rebel Alliance during the Rand Ecliptic defection spearheaded by her classmates, Biggs Darklighter and Derek "Hobbie" Klivian.  The unusual color of her hair and eyes, as well as her frosty attitude and demeanor earned her the calsign "Ice" at the Academy, a calsign that stuck.  After coming to the Rebellion, then-Flight Officer Taylor served with distinction on several missions before being promoted to lieutenant and given her own command -- that of Green Squadron, one of several new units being commissioned due to the numbers coming in shortly before the Battle of Yavin.  Her executive officer for the squadron was Infinity Bridger, and soon the ranks of Green Squadron were filled with several other pilots, most of them from Corellia.  This command became her most famous, becoming Ice Squadron after the Battle of Yavin.  Her unit was attached, with Rogue Squadron, to Alliance High Command, with Ice Squadron taking many ground-based assignments due to the diverse talents of the team.  It was here that she gained her first exposure to the Force, at first only in the form of her XO, a fallen Jedi Knight.  Later, as more and more of her squadron trained, she became more and more immersed in the mysticism of the Jedi.  Unable to train herself, she satisfied herself by adding a new facet to her life, too -- intelligence work.

Drake is best known in the Intelligence community as the Avatar, a shadowy Rebel agent with strong ties to various groups and vendettas against various individuals,  including Imperial general and scientist Tonthier Barrias and Intelligence officer Link Shaner.

After the truce at Bakura, Drake volunteered for a dangerous scouting mission, rather than allow one of her subordinates, Lieutenant Mara Amber, formerly of the Third Air Recon Team, to take the mission.  While on this mission, Drake was captured by Imperial forces and imprisoned aboard the prison ship Caraban as a potential experimentation subject.  During her imprisonment, Drake's memory of her time serving in the Galactic Civil War was wiped and she became not only a control variable for many experiments aboard the Caraban, but also the "oracle" of the ship, as after a failed experiment blinded her, she began to be able to see the future.  Drake was rescued from the Caraban by a group from the Aurora Force, an independent strike force of the New Republic under the command of Indiana Bridger, a relative of her one-time XO, Infinity.  Drake was brought back to the Aurora Force flagship, the ISD-II Dashan, where she began her recovery.

Once she had recovered her sight and returned to flight status, Drake resurrected her squadron, Ice, which had been decommissioned after her disappearance.  She filled it with a new group of fighter pilots, these ones an eclectic crew that sometimes helps to revive a memory or two of her times with the old Ice Squadron, during the Rebellion.

Drake married her new executive officer, Robert Drake, in a private ceremony shortly after the recommissioning of her squadron.  He played a major role in her recovery.  The pair have two children, the twins Dorin and Allison.  She currently resides on Xenen, where Ice Squadron is stationed, attached to the Aurora Force.


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