Tag smiled, Dalsuna was one of the most shy men she had ever met. Yet she found something about him interesting, to say the least. They had much in common, they were both CorSec children, and had their parents die early on. Tag was twelve when she was orphaned, and he was eighteen. He was twenty-three now and she was eighteen, age might be a problem, she thought, but no matter. He had promised her he would drop by the ship she was on, the Imladris, later that night. She said she would see him if she wasn't too busy. It was now time for her to run some errands.

    Dalsuna returned from his patrol of the Minos Cluster. The Resistant revered to realspace, revealing a nebula and some assorted aseroids floating in space. Nearby, the Imladris hovered. The great MC-80 dwarfed the Resistant, which was only 200 meters long. Dalsuna nervously thumbed the straps on his flight suit.
    "Imladris, this is Resistant, we've got a visitor for you."
    "Excellent, I'll have someone meet him in the hangar," Cody said slyly. Miranda smiled at his holo image. This was going to be interesting...
    "First date?" Cody asked.
    "Sure looks like it," Miranda replied, watching Dalsuna leave the bridge and walk down the corridor to the hangar lift.
    Dalsuna stepped into the hangar and was greeted by cold air. The magcom field hummed faintly as he climbed up the ladder into his X-wing. He ran through the preflight checks and eased the craft out of the smaller hanger on the ship.
    "Dal, we're heading out," Miranda's voice came through to his comm clearly. She sounded almost reluctant to leave. "Enjoy your date."
    "It's not a--" the Resistant disappeared into hyperspace.


    Codyman stood on the bridge of the Imladris; he sighed, picking up his comm. "Tag Rendar, report to hangarbay Alpha and prepare to receive an allying fleet's commander." He would have her drop everything she was doing to get her to the hangar and to Dalsuna. Miranda had done some planning, it was his turn to put it into effect. Let's hope it doesn't turn out like last time, he thought...

    "Umm... I'm too busy to think about a girlfriend, I'm RgF-XO... I have work to do, and here's my sister, trying to set me up with someone," Dalsuna backed into a table, several of his fellow pilots had approached him, all with suggestions on a number of women around the area.
    "Alanna, meet Dalsuna," Codyman extended his arms towards the pair, motioning them to get closer.
    "Hi Dalsuna," she said.
    "Uh," he studdered, "hi?" he was totally at a loss of what to say. Alanna laughed, and he gave her one of his stupidly lost grins. Alanna lunged at him and threw her arms around him.
    "Hi!" she said again. Codyman wacked Dalsuna on the back of the head.
    "Ow," Dalsuna rubbed his head, glaring at Cody.
    "Alanna......" IronMan called. She turned her head to give him a puzzled look.
    "What was that for Cody?" Dalsuna inquired, annoyed.
    "Being so swauve," he hissed
    "Forget it, Knight doesn't know how to treat a lady," IronMan told her. Turning to Dalsuna, he scowled, "Knight...know your role and shut your mouth." Dalsuna continuted to studder and remained confused.
    "Just g... give me a se... second," he bubbled. Checking his pockets and preparing himself for something so ridiculous, he shook his head. IronMan slapped him, urging him on towards Alanna.
    "Alanna, Dalsuna's one of the best pilots in the RS," Cody piped up. She laughed, indicating for him to go on.
    "But he ain't the best," IronMan interupted.
    "But he's good," Cody threw in. Dalsuna closed his eyes and clapped, handing Alanna a rose he pulled from nowhere. She giggled, accepting the gift.
    "Knew I had one of those around somewhere," he smiled
    "What a charmer. Now I know why she doesn't go for me. Not enough style," someone badgered. Dalsuna took a breath and sat down beside Alanna. Cody and IronMan continued to quote the good and the bad of him while he turned to Alanna.
    "I really, really don't do this often," he said quietly. She looked shyly up at him.
    "Nor do I," she smiled reluctantly.
    "I'm sure women will find his unsmoothness cute or something," Cody said, scratching his head.
    "Cody, let up on Dal," Ironman and Cody had exchanged places and sides as they continued.
    "You do understand that, my sister put everyone up to this," Dalsuna said to Alanna, "she's quite the trouble maker.
    IronMan stepped between the two, "Knight and Alanna. Ok, you two ain't doin' this properly. Break it up," he looked at Alanna, "Ain't you taken anyway?"
    Alanna looked up at him, "Ya IM."
    "Cody, give it up, she's taken,"
    "Damn....sorry Knight....we tried."

    Tag stood in the hangar, a slight chill hung in the air. A lone X-wing landed and the canopy opened. The occupant took off his helmet as the techs attached the ladder. The pilot jumped down and nodded to them. He took a moment before stepping up to Tag.
    "Permission to come aboard."
    "Granted. I think we've been duped again," she said.
    "Sorry?" He took a closer look at her. "Oh, Tag... I didn't recognize you."
    "That's okay," she said, "look, I have things to do, I don't have much time for dinner."
    Dalsuna's mind filled with confusion, but he let it pass. "I wasn't really looking for a date... I..." he paused, looking for words, "I was looking forward to getting to know you better though," he said. She smiled and started walking to the hangar's exit.
    "Then come this way, you can tell me all about yourself while I get some work done."

    "It looks like we have a lot in common, Tag," Dalsuna said, following Tag back to the hangar. Her hair fluttered in her wake, he wondered what she was thinking about him. Uncertainty filled his stomach again and he felt dizzy. He slowed and leaned on the wall for a moment. Tag stopped and turned.
    "Something wrong?" she asked curiously.
    "No, I'm fine... I'm just..." he paused again, for what seemed like the millionth time, "I don't go out and meet people that often... especially women."
    She smiled, "I know how that feels... I've enjoyed tonight, really I have. I don't get to talk to alot of people from back home... except my family of course."
    "Would you..." he paused again, "Can I buy you a drink sometime?"
    "I would like nothing more," she replied, and they stepped into the hangar.

    Dalsuna stepped into the Bar and Grill back on Greeop to a room full of people that regarded him with interest and curiousity. Miranda stepped forward, Codyman not far behind.
    "So how was the date?" she smiled. He shook his head...
    "It wasn't a date," he muttered.

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