It was late afternoon the next day when Dalsuna woke up onboard the Resistant. He sat up, dizziness almost non-existent. He surveyed his quarters with a certain dismay and interest. He lived like an animal, his belongings and clothes strewn over the floor in piles and at random intercles. Miranda had once told him she would spend an afternoon and clean up. He argued with her for the better part of an hour, saying that he knew where everything was. If she had cleaned up, he would have spent hours looking for a certain datapad or even his dress uniform. He got out of bed and stepped into the refresher, pausing only to shed his clothes. Still half asleep and groggy, he stepped out sometime later. His arm throbbed, probably from the damned needle Tag and Miranda had stuck him with over the course of the night, he thought.
    He donned his grey uniform and Rapier Squadron jacket. Checking his hair in the mirror before he stepped out, he sighed and grabbed his datapad. He made an immediate left and headed for the lower hangar of the Resistant, still not fully awake. Dalsuna glanced at his chrono and shrugged. Oh well, he thought, the Renegade Fleet reports can wait.


    The shuttle landed with a jolt. Dalsuna stood and yawned. He stumbled to the hatch and felt his way down the stairs. He ambled across the hangar and into the Bar and Grill.
    "Just because you barely have any knowledge of him doesn't mean you have to put him down," Tag was saying as Dalsuna stumbled in."Dal!" she called happily.
    "Hi," he replied, giving her a weak smile. He was still not fully recovered from his illness, but he was well enough to walk around without falling over... too much. Tag hurried over and helped him over to their shadowy corner.
    "I'm still half asleep... give me a minute," he grumbled.
    "Chris, we can give you your powers back," she said, turning to Chaos, "if you stop acting rashly!"
    "I don't side with people who take away my priviledges, I'm defensless now."
    "You're correct, it was a priviledge. Priviledges can be taken away," Tag shot back.
    "It's quite simple really," Mike said, looking up from a sandwich.
    "I don't care, I'm still going evil, screw the lightside. Are you deaf? Because I just said about five times I am," Chaos growled.
    Tag shook her head, "You're a fool, cousin."
    "But I am a fool without power," Chaos said, growing impatient.
    "Yes....and it's not likely that you will regain that power," Tag said calmly.
    "So now, you're just a fool," Mike muttered.
    "I doubt I will with whatever side I take. So it doesn't really make a difference," Chaos said vehemetly.
    Dalsuna, eyes growing weary again, fell asleep. Tag kissed him on the forehead and covered him with her blanket. He mumbled something and continued to sleep.
    "Fox, let me borrow your katana," Chaos requested.
    "Fox--don't give it to him," Tag cried out.
    "Fox, do it," Chaos urged.
    "Chris, sit down! Listen to me, please!"
    Miranda whispered to Tag, "He could very well have been hallucinating again last night."
    "Why should I listen to you?" Chaos interrupted.
    Tag shook her head. "I didn't vote against you." Tag frowned, "About what, Miranda?" she inquired.
    Miranda looked back at her brother, "I'm not sure, I wasn't really paying attention. I was concentrating on trying not to wake him up while sticking that needle in his arm.  Dal's nightmares could have been related to his sickness, either that, or he's afraid to tell you something."
    "I can't imagine what," Tag said with concern.
    "Then it is not you who I'll harm, Tag."
    "Chris--you harm Michael and you are crossing me," Tag threatened.
    "Mike voted no?" Chaos asked, angry.   
    Dalsuna coughed and woke up. Tag looked at with a smile Dalsuna "Hey you," she whispered. He looked at Tag and smiled.
    "Hi," he said quietly. Tag sat back down with Dalsuna, resting her head on his shoulder.
    Dalsuna shook his head, trying to get rid of the dizziness. Tag looked up at him, "Still dizzy?"
    "A little," he sighed. He wrapped his arm around Tag and leaned back on her. She smiled at him, closing her eyes. He looked over to the other side of the bar and spotted Cole "HotShot" Landfarer, holding his sister's hands over the table they were sharing.
    "HotShot, what are you saying to my sister? You better not get any wild ideas while I'm around."
    "You know, I hate it when people give me ideas," he shook his head.
    Tag hushed Dalsuna with a look, "I think you should do what I told you to last night."
    Dalsuna gave her a questioning look, "And that would be?" he winked. "You told me a lot of things last night that I could do."
    "Hmmmm, either rest or concern yourself with things other than your sister," she said. Tag turned to Chaos, "You're welcome to present your argument to the Council when you set up an appointment."
    "So I'm supposed to kill you people on your own turf? No!"
    "Kill us? Hardly, Chris."
    "You dug your nails into my face, I don't care."
    "State your case," she explained.
    "I'll die trying to kill you all," Chaos growled. Dalsuna shivered remembering something. "If I can kill just one," Chaos continued, "I will die a happy man. Even though I am defenseless."
   "Who do you wish to kill, cousin? You are far from defenseless, Cousin," she explained. "He is talking about killing me," she whispered to herself. Dalsuna turns white at the comment, suddenly remembering his nightmares. Tag stared at him "What is it?" Miranda stiffened and cleared her throat, remembering some of the things her brother had called out in his sleep.
    "I," he paused, sorting out his thoughts. "I had a dream last night, about you," Dalsuna finished, gravely looking at Tag. She nodded slowly. He held her hand and squeezed lightly. "Be careful," he warned.
    Tag smiles "You truly believe that my own cousin would murder me?" she asked, voice full of confidence.
    "Who doesn't believe I will?" Chaos jeered.
    Tag dropped her voice to a whisper "What exactly did you see?"
    "I can't remember exactly anymore, but it was about you and Chaos. You were in great danger."
    "Tag, I don't want you and your council buddies interfering with me and my life. You people have done it enough," Chaos warned.
    Tag frowned heavily, "You can't push me away, cousin, we're family."
    "I'll die then. Screw me and the rest of the family. I don't want any help from you. Besides, where were you when mom and dad gave me away to the adoption agency?"
    "Where was I?! Chris, I wasn't even born yet!"
    Tag set her jaw, "I had no wish to get involved. Chris--you drove me to involvement with your dabbling. That forced the Council into motion."
    "Blah... You could have warned me," he continued. Dalsuna regarded the scene with worry, hoping his dream did not tell of things to come. "You can throw me back as many times as you like, and I shall get up. You can hurt me as much as you like and I shall come back."
    Tag grabbed her cousin by the throat, green and indigo lightning dancing in her eyes. "That is enough." She took out her blaster and shoved it into Chris's stomach, "I'm sorry, cousin," she was about to pull the trigger when he puilled out his katana.
    "Sorry, Dally," he muttered. He stabbed Tag, driving the sword into her. Tag feel down, holding her wound. Dalsuna pulled his repeating blaster from it's holster and sprayed Chaos's body with stunning fire. He ran over to Tag, forgetting about his own disorientation and dizziness. Tag choked, trying to staunch the blood. Dalsuna tore the sleeves off his uniform and pressed it against Tag's wound.
    Tag swallowed hard and stared at her cousin, "How could you....?," she coughed blood, "You promised me...."
    "I didn't promise anything!" he cried, being restrained by other patrons.
    Mike looked at Tag, slipping into a meditation trance.
    Tag's eyes clamped shut from the pain. She pulled her comlink and sent an emergency signal to her comrades on the Sanctuary. She slumped against Dalsuna, sliding into a trance, "Love you," she murmured.
    Carlos also reached out through the Force to help heal Tag, supplimenting Mike's powers. Dalsuna continued to hold Tag tightly, tears coming to his eyes. Mike laid his hands on Tag's wound.
    "C'mon Tag, not while I'm here," Dalsuna pleaded. Mike concentrated, feeling the wound slowly close, and mend. The doors crashed open as a medical team from the Sanctuary rushed in with a stretcher. Without another word, they pulled Tag away from Dalsuna and rushed her off. He stood there shaking, her blood on his hands and clothes. Indy stepped in the door, and gasped.
    "Did I miss something?"

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