Mike, Miranda and Dalsuna hesitated at the door to the sickbay onboard the Santcuary, where Tag was resting. Dalsuna had gotten cleaned up and changed into a fresh uniform. He took a deep breath, setting his jaw, he activated the door and stepped in, Mike on his heels.
    The TwoOneBee droid turned to them, "Commander Losoda, she insisted on seeing you when she woke up. She's all right and stabilized for the time being, and she can be moved around. She can may be able to walk tomorrow if she goes into a Jedi healing trance. Mike nodded while Dalsuna looked on, grim-faced. They opened the door to her room in sickbay. She lay swaddled in blankets. Dalsuna stepped into the room, Mike and Miranda stood where they were, letting the two be alone. He smiled warmly to them and stepped in. She looked over and smiled. Dalsuna hurried over to her side, concerned.
    "I told you to be careful," he whispered to her.
    Tag smiled faintly, her voice hoarse, "I'm sorry." Dalsuna coughed, it had been a long day, he was still feeling some of the effects from his illness. She reached for his hand, grasping it and squeezing it with a firm grip. Dalsuna smiled, sitting down.
    "Relax," he soothed. He leaned over and kissed her. "I should have kept an eye on Chaos," he said bitterly. Tag closed her eyes and dozed. "I should have expected him to do something like that."
    Tag opened her eyes and stared at him, "Can you do anything about it now, Dal?" Dalsuna did his best to hold Tag close to him, trying his best not to show his fear... or his anger towards himself. "I don't think so," she whispered.
    "Well, we did throw him in the brig," he said, feeling empty. Tag winced at Dalsuna's holding her too tightly. He frowned and loosened his embrace. "sorry... I don't want to lose you," he said quietly.
    "I'm a tough cookie," she smiled faintly. "Why do you think my cousin tried to murder me?" she asked, distant.
    "I don't know," he said. It was my fault you got hurt, he thought angrily. His head was swimming with thoughts of his failure to protect her.
    Tag shook her head slightly, her voice still quiet and rasping "Dal, I'd not dwell on them. Am I dead? No. Am I hurt, yes, but I was before this. What does it matter?" He stiffened. She had sensed his mood. He smiled, how very perceptive of you, my dear.
    "It matters to me because I should have been protecting you... at the very least had enough sense to shoot him sooner."
     She smiled faintly. "Your concern and remorse is touching, Dal, it really is, but is it doing either of us any good?"
    "Not soon enough, but he could have done more."
    "It's partially my own fault.....I was foolish enough to believe that he'd not hurt me. Simply because we are blood."
    "But we won't have to worry about him... at least not for now," he whispered soothingly.
    Tag nodded slightly, "Aye. I'm surprised that I'm able to leave so soon......surgeons are getting better, I suppose."
    "Maybe they're doing their jobs correctly this time," he said coyly.
    Tag laughed lightly, then winced mightily, her hands moving toward her wound. Dalsuna kept holding her, not sure of what to do.
    Outside the room, Mike turned from his eavesdropping. "Hey Cody," he nodded to Torin.
    Codyman brushed past Mike and into the room. "You got wounded again Tag?"
    "Hello.....Cody.....yes, my cousin this time. Stabbed me with his katana," Tag closed her eyes against tears of pain "Hurts a lot." Mike looked in and frowned. Dalsuna leaned over again and kissed Tag on the forehead.
    "Anything I can do?" he asked quietly.
    "You could've let me heal it," Mike protested.
    Tag opened her eyes and smiled, "Just say with me, please," she whispered.
    "Okay," Dalsuna replied. Dalsuna held her, just tight enough that it didn't hurt. Tag coughed lightly, and winced at the stabs of pain.
    "I'm not letting go again," he said quietly. Tag smiled faintly. Mike shook his head, motioning Cody out of the room.
    "You're staying on the Resistant tonight," Dalsuna ordered. "I have people that can watch over you."
    "The Resistant? Oh, Dal, I can't......the Sanctuary," she coughed again.
    "If Chaos does come back, he can't get you there," he explained. Miranda slipped into the room and tiptoed up to Tag and her brother.
    "Tag... I think you should stay with us for a while," she said, eyes hopeful.
    "I'll be safe on the Sanctuary....really," Tag protested.
    "You'll be safer with us on the ship," Miranda argued more, pressing her point.
    Tag sighed, "I'd rather...." she trailed off.
    Miranda leaned over Tag and whispered to Tag, "You know he's going to worry all night if you don't."
    Tag closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath very slowly "Aye, I know.....it's just....."
    "What was that Miranda?"
    "Hmm? oh nothing."
    "Why did Chaos do that?" Cody stuck his head in again, puzzled.
    "Nylan cut him off from the Force.....like he did to Mike. Wanted to murder the Council......I stunned him.......he stabbed me. I slid into a trance....woke up on the Sanctuary," Tag swallowed hard and squeezed her eyes shut, "Hurts so much...." she gurgled and passed out.
    "Mike, is there anything you can do?" Dalsuna asked quietly to him. Mike stood over Tag, closing his eyes.
    Tag moaned, "Ohh.....damn him."
    "Tag, relax and let me heal you," Mike protested.
    Tag moaned again, "Dal."
    "Hmm?" he replied, nodding to Mike. He closed his eyes and concentrated, gathering power. Mike reached out, holding them over Tag's stomach. Tag groaned as Mike started to glow softly as he channeled the healing energy into her.
    Tag pushed Mike away, "I'll be all right," she groaned.
    "Stop being such a tough girl," Dalsuna protested.
    Mike triggered the cells in the damaged area to reproduce more quickly, "The hell you will," Mike snapped.
    Tag sighed, "Please...."
    "Tag... you need help, stop being a loner," Dalsuna pleaded.
    Tag opened her eyes and glared at Mike, "Mike, please." Mike felt the wound start to mend. Tag looked to Dalsuna.
    "You can't just lie around waiting to get better, you can't even defend yourself."
    Mike breathed deeply, sensing Tag's protest, he accelerated the healing.
    Tag reached into the Force to knock Dalsuna against the wall "Who says I can't defend myself?" Dalsuna grunted as he rubbed his shoulder. Tag shoved Mike away, "Stop."
    Mike reached into Tag, triggering a few synapses to knock her unconscious. He sighed, having finished as much of the healing as he could. "I just wish she'd be less stubborn," he nodded to Dalsuna, he was finished.
    Dalsuna shook Tag gently, "Tag," he called. She opened her eyes and smiled at him, he put his arms around her and held her.
    "I'm sorry... but you can't be this stubborn," he whispered. Tag frowned. "not when it could mean your life."
    "I'm not stubborn," she protested. Dalsuna drew away and glared at her.
    "Yes you are."
    "Not stubborn my ass," Mike shot in agreement.
    "But I want you healthy, because," Dalsuna sighed, "well, because," he paused again.
    Mike leaned towareds Dalsuna and whispered "Say it Dal."
    "I love you," Dalsuna finished, feeling himself go warm and turn red.
    Tag smiled, "I know," she said, looking down at her hands. "I felt it through the Force." Dalsuna held Tag tightly, looking distant.
    "I didn't think this would work out between us... but now... I don't think I can live without you," he said, shaking his head at the thought that Miranda had sucessfully set him up.
    Dalsuna looked at his chrono, "Tag, I'll see you later."
    "You want me on the Resistant?" she inquired, when she sensed something that felt like disappointment from him.
    "I most definitely do," he straightened.
    Tag smiled "If you'll worry that badly, all right.....see you." The four of her visitors stepped out the door, letting a medical team come in and check on her again. She leaned back, sighing, this will be most uncomfortable, she thought. Oh, here we go, she thought as one of the doctors injected a sedative into her. She drifted into a distant and deep sleep.

    She was dozing slightly when Dalsuna stepped back in. She opened her eyes as she sensed him come in. He gave a silly wave and approached her.
    "Hey Dal," she smiled.
    "Hey Taggie," Mike enthusiastically called into the room behind Dalsuna.
    Dalsuna threw his arms around Tag. She tried not to wince. "Sorry," he whispered. He looked at her with concern.
    "Oh, Dal, it's nothing much anymore," she smiled.
    "So I worry. I think you like it when I fuss about you," he grinned. She flushed, smiling and looking down into her lap.
    Tag inclined her head, "The doctors gave me more meds," she said, trying to find something to say.
    "I hope you don't feel too sick this time," he breathed, kissing her on the forehead.
    "Na, I feel better now," she beamed.
    "Good," he nodded. "How's your stomach?"
    Tag inclined her head again, "It doesn't hurt all that much anymore, but that's the meds, I think."
    Dalsuna frowned. "What is it, Dal?" she asked, tilting her head to look into his eyes.
    "You and meds," he said, shaking his head. "So Tag, are you coming with us back to the Resistant tonight?" Tag nodded.
    "You'll like the ship Tag." she tugged on Dalsuna's sleeve, "Hmm," he looked over.
    "I have a Council meeting right now.....come with me," she stood up, carefully walking out of the sickbay.
    "Hey Knight, how's that hip?" IronMan asked demonicly, passing by on a tour of the ship.
    "It works, don't be patronizing me IM, not tonight."
    "What up with you, Knight?"
    "A number of things," he said, slipping by.
    Dalsuna followed Tag into the council chambers. He looked around aprehensively, not sure what to do. She pointed him to a seat near the dais. He sat down, glancing around. He received a few nods from the gathered Jedi. He sat watching Tag struggle to her seat on the dais. Over the next half hour, a test of control gripped the chambers as a new inductee was tested. Several times he almost felt compelled to leave his seat and help Tag who appeared in pain at several times throughout the testing. Each time she gave him a smile and assurance she was alright. Dalsuna sat uneasily, unsure of what to do in the chamber. It finally ended, with the inductee passing the test. Tag stood uneasily and shuffled up to where Dalsuna was standing.
    "Ready to go?" she asked.
    "I'm alwasy ready, Tag. The Resistant is waiting," he said, smiling. "Miranda's in the hangar prepping the shuttle. Do have have anything you need to bring?
    She shook her head, letting him guide her out of the chambers. She smiled, he had gotten to know the corridors of the ship while he was onboard. They stepped onto the hangar and into the Resistant's small shuttle. She strapped herself in carefully, trying to avoid some pain. Miranda expertly lifted the shuttle and out of the hangar. High in orbit above Greeop, a spattering of capital ships orbitted, some docked to the repair yard, and some in drydock at the orbital shipyard. The Resistant was ten kilometers dead aft of the Sanctuary. A number of B-wings streamed by, wings closed. They passed close enough to the shuttle to set off the proximity alarms. Miranda swore and flicked the comm on.
    "This is shuttle Remorae to Greeop flight control. A flight of B-wings just buzzed us at a range of three meters. Please advise,"
    "This is Greeop flight control, we show no B-wings on standard patrol, are you sure that's what they were?"
    Miranda scowled at the comm speaker, "Looky buddy, I've been a fighter pilot longer than you've been through puberty, I know those were B-wings, check your scanners.
    "Remorae this is GFC, we read 6 unidentified B-wings closing on your posistion. They are NOT listed in the current flight pattern," control reported.
    "GFC, get your fighter patrols up here, they're hostile," she yelled into the comm as she banked the shuttle and rolled the sluggish craft away from the laser fire coming from the trailing B-wings.

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