Tag wandered back into the Bar and Grill unnoticed. Her repulsor chair making little noise. She headed back to her corner and spotted Dal conversing with a number of his comrades on the other side of the room.
    "Tag," he called, he almost tripped over himself to get over to her. She smiled at his dopey expression that he had. They sat down, almost forgetting  they were surrounded by gossip mongers. Dalsuna sat down and relaxed, he looked rather tired, the rings around his eyes betrayed his appearance. Tag called her feelinx from her Xwing. The cat came bounding in the door and into her lap. She scratched the creature behind the ears and relaxed. Her wounds were healing nicely, and she began feeling normal again. Dalsuna had dozed off beside her. She looked at him, checking if there was anything else causing his exhaustion.
    "Long day I take it," she whispered. He mumbled something she couldn't understand. "I'll take that as a yes." She giggled when Rogue, her feelinx started climbing up his arm.
    "Ouch," he flinched, mumbling some more. She covered him with the blanket from her pack. Rogue scurried out from underneath and found a comfortable spot in his lap.
    Indy giggled. "He sleeps too much," she said, referring to Dalsuna.
    Tag smiled, "It's not that bad," she leaned on his shoulder and closed her eyes. She fell asleep leaning on him. He opened his eyes for a moment and realized she was leaning on him. Quietly, he wrapped his arm around her and nodded off again.
    A commotion in the bar woke both of them up. Tag fidgeted with her Jedi cloak. Dalsuna gave her an odd look.
    "I'll not wear this.....if you'd perfer.....but....."
    "Whatever makes you happy," he smiled. She started to redo her hair, letting it down first. Dal watched with tired curiousity. When she was finished, she leaned on him again and closed her eyes. "I'm sorry, I wear this because so many have been after my head of late."
    "That's fine, Tag. Your safety is more important than your vanity," he said, holding her close. She looked up and kissed him on the cheek.
    "Thanks for understanding," she said, closing her eyes. He turned a bright red and got warm in the face. She looked back up at him in time to catch a really silly and suprised look on his face. She smiled at him and he returned a similar, yet more shocked look. She laughed, ignoring the pain it caused her. She closed her eyes and dropped off again, falling into sleep.
    Tag opened her eyes some time later. She checked her chrono and swore quietly. Dal was still fast asleep. She nudged Dalsuna lightly. "Dal, I'm leaving, bye," She kissed him on the cheek and limped out the door, her feelinx on her heels.
    Dalsuna opened his eyes and looked around. "Tag?" he sighed, "Ah crap, she has a habit of slipping away doesn't she?" Some of the patrons at nearby tables just laughed.


    Dalsuna sat on the couch he and Tag had appropriated in the past few days. He leaned back, dizziness almost too much for him. He coughed quietly, wondering when she would get there. He was sick... the flu... he hadn't told anyone and wasn't planning on it. They didn't need to know that he was ill. It was inviting pity that he neither needed nor enjoyed. He shivered as hot and cold flashes passed over him. He looked at his chrono. It was mid afternoon, she'd be here soon, he thought. The door opened, and in she stepped, wearing her Echo Raiders jacket. She was out of her Jedi robes and into something different. He smiled, she looked stunning in her uniform, more beautiful than in her Jedi regailia. She waved when she spotted him. She joined him on the couch as he wrapped his arm around him. She kissed him on the cheek and frowned, wondering why he was so warm. She dismissed the thought, assuming it was him blushing or something similar.
    Dalsuna reached into his pockets, "I have something for you Tag," he smiled coyly as he snapped his fingers and handed her a rose. She smiled, his simple sleights of hand amused her. She stood up and stretched.
    "It looks like it's going to rain," she said, looking outside. Dalsuna paused for a moment and stood, suddenly remembering something.
    "I have something for you in my X-wing," he dashed off to get whatever was so important. Tag sat back down and relaxed. She shrugged out of her jacket and tossed it on the side of the couch. Outside, thunder and lightning claimed the skies as a heavy rain started falling. The door opened again to reveal a dirtied Dalsuna and a distraught Miranda almost carrying him in. Conversation in the bar immediately halted as everyone spotted the pair.
    "Dal!" Tag yelped.
    "What happened?"
    "Someone fall down?"
    "Knight fall down go boom."
    "He was getting out of his X-wing when he fell off the ladder," Miranda said, concerned.
    "The hull and ladder were wet from the rain, I slipped off," he smiled weakly.
    "Oh, geez, fell off your X-wing?" someone commented, bursting out into laughter. Several others followed while some continued with their business. The remainder looked on with disgust at the laughter and genuine concern.
    "It happened to Corran Horn," someone trailed off. Stark took one look at Dalsuna and started laughing, followed by another chorus of laughter.
    "I can still shoot you IronMan," Dalsuna threatened.
    "Yeah, but you might slip while you're doin it," he weezed through his laughter.
    "You could be a little more tactful towards an injured man," someone said. Tag growled and fingered her lightsaber. Some of the laughter ceased while others continued. Miranda helped her brother over to the couch while he favored his right leg. He hoped over and did his best to ease himself down. He winced as he sat down, leaning on his left side to avoid more pain.
    "I think I busted my hip," he looked up at Tag.
    "He's a damn good pilot, and he nearly killed himself," IronMan continued to humor himself and his comrades.
    "No offense IronMan, but it really makes you look like you have an IQ less than fifty," someone interrupted.
    "If the Imps don't get ya, the slick floor will. That's sad," Stark continued. Another round of laughter resumed.
    Tag glared at IronMan, and the rest of the laughing patrons. More of them decided against continuing their taunts. They turned back to their drinks, occasionally chuckling.
    "Just give it a good pull and it'll pop back into place," Dalsuna winced. "That right rudder's going to be a pain to handle now."
    Tag examined his hip, drawing on the Force. The pain in his leg eased a little as she started the healing process. Dalsuna spotted the bulletin board.
    "Who's getting married?" he asked.
    "Look's like you and Tag, they way you're holding her hand," Miranda giggled. Dalsuna looked down and snatched his hand back quickly. He hadn't realized he had started holding her hand. He snapped his head back towards Miranda and shot her a look.
    Mike looked up from his datapad, "Astrid and Mynok," he replied, almost not paying attention.
    "Awwww... Dalsuna and Tag are in love," someone said sweetly.
    Tag turned back to Dalsuna and touched his leg. "It's a bone bruise, there isn't a dislocation," she said, looking up at him.
    "This is not the way I wanted to make an entrance," he growled. Tag smiled and tucked some loose hair behind her ear.
    "Jedi Council meeting, now," she called back to Mike. "I'll be back soon," she said to Dalsuna who grumbled in protest. "Relax, it shouldn't take that long," she soothed.
    "No... not your meeting. I'm rather upset that I of all people managed to slip while getting out of my damned X-wing," he cursed. IronMan started laughing again.
    Miranda also started laughing as she thought of something, "Dal, maybe you should fly the A-wing more, the drop isn't as far... and you've got a fun slide if you do slip."
    Another chorus of laughter broke out around the bar. Tag sighed and kissed Dalsuna before heading off to her meeting. Kino came around the corner, enveloped with the reading on his datapad. Without looking first, he sat down on the couch, and on top of Dalsuna.
    "Oww! Dammnit Kino, get off me," Dalsuna yelled. When Kino didn't move, Dalsuna shoved him off onto the floor.
    "What was that for?" he protested.
    "For sitting on me you dope."
    "Oh but that's the most confortable couch we've got in here," he whined.
    Tag limped back in, back from her council meeting. She knelt down to him and looked at him with concern, "How are you feeling?" she asked.
    "It's kind of throbbing," he smiled weakly, dizziness continuing to dominate him and warping his vision a little. She smiled, rolling up her jacket and tucking it in under his head. A few more people entered the bar and spotted him.
    "What happened?"
    "I fell off my damned X-wing," he said a little too loudly. IronMan laughed again at the image.
    "Is he sick or something?" someone asked.
    "He's not sick, he's injured," Tag commented. Dalsuna frowned, he felt a hint of guilt for not telling her he fell off his X-wing because he was dizzy.
    "I've just had a very harrowing meeting, IM," Tag glared at him menacingly.
    Dalsuna looked up at Tag from his posistion on the couch, "Anything I can do?"
    She smiled, "What about my meeting? No," she shook her head.
    "I'm sorry, but you set yourself up," IronMan said, patting Dalsuna's back. He started laughing again, unable to keep a straight face.
    "Sure, I fall out of my freakin X-wing and I get laughed at, Dalsuna growled.
    Tag kissed him on the cheeck, "It's alright, I've done that before," she said. She placed her hands on his leg again and drifted off into another trance to heal it some more.
    "My damned leg is swelling up like a balloon and there's IM over there laughing it up."
    "Hey Cutter," IronMan called, "Guess what? Knight over here fell off his X-wing... landed on his butt. Have you ever falled out of your craft while getting out of it?"
    "What?" the wookied called. "I have been working on the landing gear, though, forgot where I was and stood up.. BONG!!"
    "I can see the headlines now, 'He Kills Imps......flys really cool.......... and falls off of his X-Wing when it's parked. It's like, gettin hit by a parked A-wing."
    Miranda came back up to Dalsuna, holding a small bag. "Dal, I found this in our trophy case," she said, reaching into the bag.
    "Oh no," he sighed. "No Miranda, don't give me that, I will kill you if you give me that, don't even take that out of the bag."
    "Oh yeah," she said, pulling out a small gold crutch mounted on a plaque. She handed it to her brother.
    "It's the Gimpy Award!" Someone yelled.
    "He won a gimpy? Damn, I wanted that award," Mike called.
    "Commander Losoda, for complete idiocy and clumsyness displayed outside of battle, I present to you the Medal of Gimp."
    "That's very nice Miranda," Dalsuna said sarcastically, tucking it between the seat cushions. His eyes felt heavy, he was having difficultly thinking now. He coughed again.
    "I should write that in the Fleet Newsletter tomorrow," IronMan exclaimed. "In other news, the Fleet XO slips and falls off his parked X-wing!"
    Tag frowned, "That's mean," she hugged Dalsuna protectively.
   Dalsuna's eyes rolled back and he lost conciousness. Darkness claimed him as he fell into delerium.
    "Dal?" Tag yelped and turned back to him. "Dal?" she repeated louder and shook him. Miranda's smile disappeared as she ran over to her brother's side. IronMan also stopped and leaned on a wall, facing the trio.

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