Miranda touched Dalsuna's forehead and looked at Tag.
    "I think he's sick," she said quietly. "He doesn't usually tell anyone if he is,"
    Tag looked down at him and reached for his forehead. "He's burning up," she gasped. She reached into her bag and pulled out a medical scanner. "It's some odd strain of Alderaanian flu. Hand me that unlabeled vial would you?"
    Miranda opened up the bag and emptied the vial into a syringe. She handed it to Tag, "Careful, he doesn't like needles. You'd better hide that when you're done with it."
    Tag rolled up his sleeve and injected the contents into his arm. She capped the needle and dropped it back into her bag. "Someone get me a cloth, some cold water, and a cup of juice," she called back to IronMan. Dalsuna mumbled something as Miranda's comlink beeped. She picked it up and looked at Tag.
    "I have to run, combat alert just came in," she ran out of the bar. Tag looked back down at Dalsuna who moaned something incoherently. He started shivering violently. She retrieved her blanket from her pack and covered him with it. Someone handed Tag's requested objects to her. She looked up.
    "Thanks Carlos," she dipped the cloth in the water and folded it, placing it on Dal's forehead.
    "...Imperial trash....I'll kill you all..." he mumbled.
    "Shhh, Dal," Tag whispered, holding him.
    IronMan stood over the pair. "You ain't killin' them all, Cutter and I are."
    "IM, back off."
    "No Tag, no."
    "IM, he's sick....please."
    "He's sick alright, sick in the head."
    "He's got some odd strain of Alderaanian influenza," Tag protested.
    "Well at least you can tell that Knight has a breakin' point. What, did the Imps kill his parents or somethin'?"
    "People, be nice to person who is down," Carlos DeLong exclaimed.
     Tag turned back to Dal and tried to wake him, she re-wetted the cloth and sponged his face with it. He moaned.
    "I'd be nice, but....the guy fell off a fighter."
    "C'mon, give me a break. I know CorSec is kinda wussy, but ain't no flu killin' him."
    "IM--not now, please, I'm asking you," Tag pleaded.
    "CorSec bought by Imps... have to..." Dalsuna trailed off.
    "Dal, shhhhh.....come on," she whispered
    "Bought by Imps?" IronMan inquired. "Keep talkin', Knight, keep talkin'." Dalsuna moaned again. "Now what about CorSec bein' bought by Imps?" IronMan prodded the uncouncious form.
    "No... look out-- NOOOOOOO!"
    "Dal, come on.....wake up, please," Tag pleaded. Dalsuna coughed and his eyes flew open."Dal?" he moaned again.
    "I was dreaming."
    "Hey Knight...how's your butt feel? Still sore from fallin'?"
    "My mother was one of the few people in her division that the Imps didn't buy out," he explained, looking up at the ceiling. Tag was still holding him tightly.
    "Get some juice, huh?" she said looking at Carlos.
    "Aye-aye," he ran to the fridge to get some juice. He came back, handing the cup to Tag.
    "I found evidence that pointed the corrupt officers to taking Imperial bribes to relay locations of pirate facilities that may have been linked with the Alliance--"
    "CorSec, you give them a few bill and they forget their cause. Wusses."
    "Rather..." he said rubbing his head. "My mother found evidence to support this. She told me about it before she left that day.
    "And ne'er came back, eh?" IronMan interrupted again.
    "The informants found out about it and set a trap for her," he ignored him, continuing with an explanation. "I found out and tried to save her..."
    "And she got snuffed out."
    "I was within sight of her at the spaceport when they struck. She was standing in the landing field."
    Tag got her arm under Dalsuna's shoulders, holding a cup of juice, "C'mon, you need to drink this."
    "The Imps faked a fighter crash--training run gone sour. She wasn't supposed to be on the landing field," he paused, swallowing hard. "The Imps..." he stopped, looking for words, "they--"
    "They snuffed her out."
   --ran.. right into her on the ground," Dalsuna closed his eyes.
    Tag hugged Dalsuna briefly, then pulled back. "Now, drink this," she put the cup to his lips. Dalsuna took a drink slowly.
    "And that was it for her, eh?" IronMan offered.
    "I called out to her, but I was too far away, she couldn't hear. Miranda doesn't know about this."
    "Then why don't you tell her? IronMan asked, almost annoyed.
    "I never told her how our mother really died."
    "What kinda brother are you? She has to know."
    "I can't."
    "Then I will," IronMan said angrily.
    Miranda stroled back into the bar, "Imps never fail to bore me." Tag helped Dalsuna sit up fully and wraped a blanket around his shoulders.
    "Yo Knight, best start talkin' to your sister."
    "A squad of Gunboats attacked a convoy out there," Miranda said cheerfully, Tag shivered, she hated gunboats. "The Resistant responded, they bolted as soon as we showed up... Start talking about what? You okay Dal?"
    Tag shook her head, "Nevermind, Miranda."
    "It's nothing you need to know. I'm okay, just dizzy,"
    "Nothin' she needs to know? Don't lie to your sister," IronMan snorted.
    Tag glared at IM "Stop it."
    "What's going on?"
    "Don't glare at me, wench!!" IronMan growled.
    "Knight got Tag pregnant?"
    "It was delerium, IM, plain and simple....fever dreams," Tag argued. Dalsuna glared at Yacks.
    "Liar," Stark protested. Tag motioned for Dalsuma to drink some more.
    "What happened?"
    "Knight...talk to your sis," IronMan urged. Dalsuna took another drink. "Cuz you don't wanna hear it from my mouth."
    "I can't IM."
    "Cuz I show no love nor sympathy."
    "It's not the right time."
    "You have to," he prompted. Miranda looked at IronMan, and back at her brother.
    "What?"she asked growing impatient.
    "I can't," Dalsuna shook his head, looking up at Tag for support. Tag shook her head disapprovingly at IronMan.
    "Knight, last chance."
    "Stark, if he's not going to tell me, you'd better do it."
    "I'm serious, she don't wanna hear it from me. I'd "better"? Slow yourself, gal."
    "IM, I can't," Dalsuna exclaimed weakly. "Not now."
    "OK, then I'll save you the trouble. Shall I repeat it word-for-word?"
    "STARK!" Tag yelled in protest. "Can't you see it's hard to do that?"
    "Or do you want the Lucas Stark version?"
    "Just tell me what happened."
    "All right Knight....warned ya man. It's about the death of your old gal......And don't snap at me."
    "Our mother?" she glanced at her brother. "What about her?" Dalsuna shook his head.
    "Well, the Imps tried to bribe CorSec, your mom ain't accept and turned down the bribe.....she had proof, told Knight about it, he got the info--"
    "IronMan, don't waste my time with things I already know."
    "meanwhile the Imps faked a crash that your mom just happened to be on the ground....and BOOM! She got snuffed out. Your brother tried to reach her, she ain't hear them...."
    "I knew that already IM."
    "WHAT?" Dalsuna exclaimed, coughing violently. "You know what happened?"
    IronMan smacked Knight, "Stupid. Should have told her."
    Tag slaped IM in retaliation, "Don't hit him!"
    "I sliced into the Imp computers years ago," Miranda explained. "I probably knew about her and the Imps before she told you. Why do you think she told you? It was cause I was with her when she found the proof."
    Dalsuna shook his head again. "Here I was....thinkin that I was the only one that knew."
    "You worry too much Dal," Miranda smiled.
    "I could have told ya that," said rudely.
    "Mom had me following her around on most of her jobs. Where do you think I learned how to slice into every computer system you've thrown at me?"
    IronMan leaned against a wall, "I'm glad my mom ain't go out like yall mom's did."
    Tag prodded Dalsuna, reminding him he needed to drink his juice.
    "I mean.....a fighter crashin' on her...damn, that's gotta hurt. Don't you think so, Lou?" IronMan rambled on. "Like I said, I'm glad my mom ain't went out like that."
    "Come on, Dal, drink it, please," Tag asked sweetly. Dalsuna took another sip. Miranda found a seat beside her brother and Tag.
    "So all this time, you've thought that I didn't know."
    Tag put her arm around Dalsuna, "Now drink all of that," she reached for her medkit, "And you're gonna need some more meds."
    "Sad....truly sad. I told ya CorSec was garbage. Did ya listen? No.   Look what happened as a result."
    "I have nothing to say to you IM," Dalsuna said vehemetly.
    "Cuz you know I'm right. Now drink your drink and be quiet."
    Tag embraced Dalsuna. He smiled weakly at her. "Keep drinking that, huh?" she asked. She took a vial out of her medkit. Dalsuna took another drink. He looked at IM and caught Tag holding a needle in the corner of his eye.
    Dalsuna turned to Tag, "What are you doing?" Tag continued to prepare the syringe, "OH NO YOU DON'T," he protested, standing up. "Get that needle away from me."
    "Knight's afraid of needles..... Jam it in his ass! Give him a bigger bruise!!"
    "Dal....relax," Tag soothed.
    "Tag, you're a gal.... you think he's gonna relax? Please."
    "I HATE needles, keep that thing away from me," Tag grabbed a hold of Dalsuna.
    "I WILL knock you out if I have to, but you need this!"
    "Tag......use that damn Jedi Mind trick or somethin'," IronMan suggested.
    Miranda jumped on Dalsuna and held him down. He squirmed in protest. Tag carefully administered the medication.
    "There, Not so bad, huh?" she said, smiling at him.
    "Damn that hurts," he complained. Tag kissed him on the cheek as Miranda got off him to let him up.
    "Now stop being a baby," Tag joked. He sighed, resigning to the fact it was over and done with. Tag and Miranda helped Dalsuna over to the couch where he plunked down with a certain sulkiness.
    "Baby. Go fall on your ass again," IronMan proded.
    "Now you sit and drink your juice," Tag ordered.
    "Hey IM... isn't it funny how quick he can change from one colour to another?" Miranda asked. The two looked over to catch Tag kissing Dalsuna again he pulled her close and held her tightly.
    "I'll see if I can't find some pills, but this stuff is hard to find in that form."
    "Thanks," he said tiredly.
    "When you get back to the Resistant, I want you to lie down and don't get up for at least twelve hours.....I want you to SLEEP," she said as she tucked a warm blanket around him. He nodded slightly and dozed off.
    He opened his eyes some time later to find Tag leaning on his shoulder. She looked up at him and kissed him on the cheek "Feeling at least a little better, I hope? The meds should've taken hold by now," she stood and stretched.
    "I am a little better," he smiled. He grabbed her arm and pulled Tag into his lap. "Now," he said as she giggled. "dizziness and illness aside," he trailed off.
    "Dal....." Dalsuna kissed her before she could say anything else.Tag grinned and blushed as he leaned back on the couch, pulling her with him.
    "You're too good for me you know... I don't think I deserve you," he said quietly.
    Tag laughed lightly at the comment. "That I doubt."
    IronMan slapped Knight. "Stupid! You two are meant for each other!" he said. Again, Tag and Dalsuna were suprised at his sudden outbreak of support. She looked down at Dalsuna and giggled. She slid out of Dalsuna's lap and sat beside him. She rested her head on his shoulder again, wondering, if she should start doing her Echo Raiders paperwork. She put the thought to the back of her mind. It would be done later.

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