Chapter 2

    "Commander Selan, what makes you think that you can endanger my ship like that at anytime?" The battle was finished quickly with the VSD, ultimately being disabled and dispatched of at their leisure. Now, the two stood in Dalsuna's office over looking the debriefing of the mission.
    "I thought you'd be interested in the Resistant's newest modification and refit."
    "That was not the proper time to demonstrate something to me. Alliance High Command may have given you command of this ship when I am flying, but I am still in charge of everyone on board this ship, I also will be taking responsibility for any lives lost under our joint command. Just because you are the chief engineer and ex-head of the White Squadron Project, doesn't mean you can have free reign over the lives of all on board. That is all. Report to the hangar to overlook the modification of those B-wings."
    "Yes sir. I'm sorry," Selan saluted and left the room. No sooner had he left, when Miranda came to his door.
    "Well, Dal, he did it again," she sighed, dropping into the chair in front of his desk.
    "I'm not surprised. He loves showing off his work. The NST drive can come in handy if we need to run."
    "Didn't you just give Selan a dressing down for testing it in combat?"
    "It work's doesn't it?" He ran his hand through his black hair. "It was so much easier when I simply commanded the Resistant from my fighter."
    "You're not leading White Squadron anymore, AHC would have transferred them off sooner if you paid attention to their occasional messages."
    "Those were the fun days... leading a squadron. By the way, wasn't an AHC represenative supposed to arrive today?"
    "Funny that you ask that, he's walking down the corridor now, looking for your office," she grinned.
    "What did you do?" he looked at her, his brown eyes trying to probe hers. Miranda's green eyes just winked mischeivously at him.
    "He's circling around the same deck, he's caught in the Trench. I didn't do it... I swear." She smiled and left him in his office. The AHC officer entered a few minutes later.
    "This is quite the ship you have here," he said, "although there's that one corridor that seems to go on forever."
    Dalsuna looked at him with a half smirk. "We call that the Trench, it's got some strange gravity fields in that section, so you will get disoriented easily. That's the corridor we use for loading up the B-Wings. The docking tubes are a mess to keep track of while you're working in them. Anyway, what can the Resistant do for you?"


    Dalsuna looked that the datapad in dismay. "You can't be serious."
    "We need a fast crusier to run this mission, survival rates are expected to be low, but you have back up on this. The Third Fleet will be on the other side to jump the Imps." The mission called for the Resistant to attack an Imperial Class Star Destroyer and draw out the battle group attached to a faction of the Imperial fleet. The Resistant had to run through the fleet formation, destroy one or two ships with Knight Wing, and fall back through a nebula, where the New Republic Fleet would jump in and take out any Imperial pursuit craft.
    "You want us to attack a fleet of Imperial ships?" Dalsuna rubbed his eyes tiredly, "Do you expect us to survive this?"
    "AHC knows you will."


    Dalsuna paced back and fourth in the ship's briefing room. His squads and command staff filled the small room. He stood beside the holo screen, at the lecturn. The lights dimmed and the holo screen came on.
    "This is where we are headed. I'm told this sector is held by an Imperial faction known as the Emperor's Hammer. AHC wants us to hyper in, and pick off a couple ships, and run like every Sith lord the galaxy has known are right behind us. Our objective is to draw off several large ships, and lead them into the Third Fleet, on the other side of this nebula." The images on the holo screen displayed a thick band of planetoids of various sizes.
    "And you expect us to fly through that?" Miranda raised an eyebrow.
    "AHC doesn't expect you to, they are ordering us to," Dalsuna looked at the gathered pilots and officers. "Intelligence on the Imperial Fleet indicates that there are three ISD 2s, four VSDs, and five Nebulon B frigates. Simple rules of engagement. The Resistant jumps in with Knight Wing and attacks one of the frigates, Knight wing will engage another. On our way out, we take out targets of opportunity, meaning fighters, Imperial equipment, Corellian Corvettes, even freighters. We want these guys like a herd of mad banthas. Your escape vectors are here," he indicated on the starmap. "Once we hit the targets, the Resistant will pick up the B-wings, and bug out. The rest of Knight wing will have to keep up with our newest engine upgrades. Once we clear the nebula, the Third Fleet will jump on the Imperials. Any questions?"
    "Yeah... when did AHC consider us better than Rogue Squadron?" this comment caused some laughter in some of the lower ranking pilots.
    "We know we're good, we know we can take on this mission by the horns, we stick together, we can pull this off."

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