Tag returned, pale-faced, in a replusor chair. She swiftly made her way to her quiet corner. She pulled a blanket tighter around her shoulders and wished that she'd taken more pain meds. Dalsuna sat down beside her on the couch. She tried hard not to throw up again.
    "Maybe you shouldn't be here, Tag," Dalsuna said worriedly. She shook her head.
    "Knight, she's a big gal. She can handle herself and she want's to be with you," Dalsuna looked up to see those words came from IronMan, both he and Tag were suprised for the moment.
    "I want to be here," she said to Dalsuna, coughing.
    "Can't you read the signs man?" IronMan said to Dalsuna.
    "I can read them all right, but I'm more worried about her physical condition, " Dalsuna said. IronMan grabbed his hand and put it on Tag's in an effort to get something more going. Dalsuna glared at him, trying to get him to mind his own business.
    "Stark, leave 'im alone," Tag said; she closed her eyes and dozed off. Dalsuna found another blanket and cover her with it. He resumed his seat beside Tag, keeping an eye on her. She slipped into a deeper sleep. He decided to give up his seat to give Tag to room to lie down. He stood up and carefully turned Tag to a laying posistion. She winced, muttering something. She sighed in complaint.
    "Relax would you? You might enjoy people looking after you for a while," Dalsuna said. "Quit being so tough."
    "Tough, I'm not tough," Tag complained. "Were I tough, I'd be healing myself." Dalsuna hushed Tag and sat down on the floor, leaning on the couch, keeping an eye on Tag. They dozed off, ignoring their surroundings.
    Tag's comlink beeped some time later. She reached down and picked it up.
    "What do you mean I have to come back for more?" she hissed. Tag put the comlink away and looked at Dalsuna. "More surgery." He nodded and helped her out the door.

    Tag returned in her repulsor chair and set down in her corner beside Dalsuna. She was again, pale-faced.
    "I hope you don't throw up this time," he said to her. She smiled weakly, shaking her head. She moved from the chair to the couch. She relaxed visibly when she lounged on the couch. She reachd down and grabbed her pack.
    "So what'd they have to realign and patch up this time?" he asked her. She smiled again, faintly.
    "My knee needed a bit more patching up, and they said I needed more meds," she replied. "They kinda messed up the first time."
    "I should give those medics a piece of my mind," Dalsuna growled. "They should have done it right the first time."
    Tag smiled again, "It's okay." Dalsuna shook his head, they should be doing their jobs right, he thought.
    "Look at it this way--I've had basically the same medics working on me for the past six years, or thereabout.  I'm still alive," she explained.
    "They shouldn't be screwing up, especially with your allergy to bacta, that makes it more important that it's done properly the first time."
    Tag smiled, dozing off again. Dalsuna watched the bar and grill as another fight broke out, this one was signifigantly smaller than the last one, and isolated. People came and left, pilots, officers, civilians. The bar was a busy place at this hour. He found himself also nodding off and he closed his eyes.
    "What does it take to get a mug of hot cocoa around here?" he heard Tag ask. Dalsuna's eyes snapped open and he stood, hurrying off to get a mug of cocoa. Tag sat and smiled, mildly surprised at his quickness. He returned several minutes later and handed a steaming mug to Tag. She accepted it happily and sipped it while he sat down again. He kept an eye on Tag for the rest of the night, making sure she was alright. It was late when Miranda ran out of the Bar and Grill. A number of minutes later his comlink beeped.
    "Dal, we got a problem up here, Selan's ripped out half the propulsion systems and we have no idea how to put them back together."
    Tag looked at Dalsuna with a sad look, "Aww Dal."
    "I have to go," he said sadly.
    "Give the girl a kiss or somethin," Stark called. Dalsuna sighed and picked up Tag's hand.
    "I'll see you later," he kissed the back of her hand and hurried out. Things were looking up, he thought.

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