I write serial fiction for the Grand Valley Lanthorn, my college newspaper.  I wrote "What Once Was Lost," a twenty-part serial, for the 2001-2002 school year.  The first one ran about October 4, 2001 and the last ran April 14, 2002.  Here, you can read it from beginning to end, with a special bonus -- an installment that never ran.  At some point, I'll be posting "Discovering Phoenix," my serial for 2002-2003, which has been left, alas, unfinished.

Thanks to everyone who's commented on "What Once Was Lost."  I may make a novel out of it yet, I'm currently unsure.

This serial is copyright 2001-2002, Erin Klitzke.

Installment 1
Installment 2
Installment 3
Installment 4
Installment 5
Installment 6
Installment 7
Installment 8
Installment 9
Installment 10
Installment 11 (unprinted)
Installment 11 (run)
Installment 12
Installment 13
Installment 14
Installment 15
Installment 16
Installment 17
Installment 18
Installment 19
Installment 20

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