Welcome to the Fan Fiction section of my web site.  Here, I host fan fiction by various authors, mostly from the Star Wars universe created by George Lucas.  You can find the history of Teke Daggerscout, the origins of the Guardian Order, and notably excerpts from the archives of the Rebel Squadrons Aurora ForceThe title of each piece is the link to it, the author and a brief description are listed below. Stories are listed in chronological order.

Origin of the Guardian Order
by Wesley Gladden
This may not mean much to you if you don't know what the Guardian Order is, but it's an interesting read, to be certain.

by Christine Grosvenor
Truly the biography of Teke Daggerscout, formerly XO of the Rebel Squadrons.  It follows how Teke's parents met, how Teke came around, and how he eventually came to join the New Republic.

The Akrit'tar Strike
by Erin Klitzke
Three and a half weeks after Operation: Aldera's Ashes and before the creation of the Echo Raiders, Tag Rendar was an Intelligence agent for the New Republic. After spending five months as Link Shaner, the Emperor's Hand, Tag returns to the Alliance only to be assigned to another mission--the rescue of prisoners from Akrit'tar Prison who hold the fate of the Alliance in their hands.

Daggerscout: The Thumper Commandos
by Christine Grosvenor
The sequel to Daggerscout, this is the tale of how Teke came to join the Rebel Squadrons Commando Division.

Aurora Force: The Early Years: The First Mission
by the early members of the Aurora Force
Wow.  Three years is a long time.  This is the first mission Aurora Force ever had.  Most of it isn't canon for the fleet anymore and we've come a long way, but it's an interesting read nonetheless.  CAUTION: This is very slow to load.

Aurora Force: The Early Years: The Black Sky Incident
by the early members of the Aurora Force
The Black Sky Incident...some of the best writing the early Aurora Force ever saw, and some of the highest activity levels ever in the fleet.  Read on....

Aurora Force: The Early Years: After Black Sky
by the early members of the Aurora Force
After the incident with the Black Sky, but before our second mission.  Enjoy....

The Beginning of a Legend
by Allen Tam
After the Battle of Endor, one young man saw fit to rise up against his captain and led a daring mutiny, bringing the Marauder Corvette Resistant to the New Republic. That young man was Dalsuna Losoda. This is the tale of how he, his family, and his ship came to join the New Republic Sector Fleet known as the Rebel Squadrons.

Shadows of the Past
by Allen Tam
As her brother builds a place of his own within the hierarchy of the New Republic, Miranda Losoda finds herself trying to get over the terrifying loss of her fiancé and friends during the fateful battle that crippled her brother's wing and destroyed what had been their lives up until that point.

Hide and Seek
by Allen Tam, Erin Klitzke, with thanks to "The Bar Crowd"
This tale immediately follows "Shadows of the Past" and is the story of how Dalsuna Losoda met the woman he married, Tag Rendar, amidst the violent chaos and confusion their work brings to their lives.

Sabre Dance
by Wesley Gladden
Aurora Force officer Carlos DeLong goes searching for a Sith...and finds something he hadn't anticipated.

An Act of Rebellion
by Wesley Gladden
Carlos DeLong travels to Golgan III where he gets involved in a fight that must be won -- for losing means the death of a dream.

The Nylan Reports
by Erin Klitzke
Our favorite Procurement and Supply officer finds himself thrust into a fighter cockpit for three Patriot Battle Fleet missions, standing in for Indy, his cousin, who is unable to fly for one reason or another.

Phoenix Falling
by Erin Klitzke and Mike Bullian
Fourth time getting captured by the Empire is a charm...this is a collection of narratives to go along with our mission reports for some of the earlier missions in the Patriot Battle Fleet's 4th TOD.  It's not finished yet, but will be soon.



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