Kartuiin Sector Conflict ~ Conceli IX

    Resembling Alderaan in their pre-spaceflight age, Conceli IX is a wild, pre-industrial world where political prisoners are condemned to a life of pre-technological revolution existance. Administered mostly by history aficionados and studied by anthropologists, Conceli IX is a leap back in time--but one most people would not make willingly, for a trip to Conceli IX is usually for life.
    On each of Conceli IX's six inhabitable continents, unique civilizations have arisen; this world has been used to send prisoners to for thousands of years. It is a near-forgotten world except for small clusters of oppressed peoples, some of whom were condemned to Conceli IX during the age of the Empire.
    Conceli IX is a strategically important world if one is attempting to take nearby Conceli VIII, as well as an important source of food, agricultural products, and rare ores, gemstones, and fabrics.


    Today, Conceli IX is ruled by the traditional ruling tribes of the world.  Recent excavations have shown that 3-5 kya, a ship crash-landed on Conceli IX, and the survivors of that crash built a civilization there that predates Republic occupation of the world.  The world is now allied with the New Republic, but it autonomous. 


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