The New Republic Spin-Doctor

Name:Izra Dargan
Aliases/Nicknames: Wheels
Hair:Light Brown
Weight:157 lbs

Misc Data:
    A native of Alderaan, Izra was born into a family that would have shunned him if they knew what he would end up doing for the rest of his life. His parents were both staunch supporters of the New Order; his older brother and sister both in the Imperial Navy. Izra, however, the baby of the family near twenty years younger than his eldest brother Vertil, ended up with the Rebel Alliance after Alderaan died.
    Izra was a starfighter pilot for the Alliance for three years after he ran away from "home" on Coruscant. However, a crash at Hoth ended his starfighter career when he was crippled and left with basically useless legs. Thus, Izra became a slicer for the New Republic and later an aide to various higher-ranking officers. Still later, he became a propaganda artist for the New Republic, "spinning" the news with a positive edge.
 Izra Dargan has been assigned to the Aurora Force as a war correspondent and currently resides near his niece, Kingston, on Aurora Force's base.  He often cares for the children of Aurora Force's officers while they are away on assignment, affectionately referred to by those children as "Uncle Wheels."

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