Xenen Campaign: Novis Briefing

    “This is the end.”
    With those words, a certain silence fell over the assembled men and women of the Aurora Force. Eyes drifted toward their commander, who stood on a short scaffold that sat against the hull of the WOLFSBANE. Behind the med runner was the field hospital, and beyond the field hospital was a field, and beyond that field was Vendra, still celebrating their liberation. The lights still shone brightly in the early morning dimness; the stars were just beginning to wink out now, the horizon slowly brightening from black to purple.
    They all knew why they were there, out in the chill of pre-dawn, huddled in knots of people in low conversation, nursing strong caf from the mess tent. Indy knew most of them were tired, and she was sorry to have pulled them from warm beds and, in some cases, companionship, but this was important, and she knew they would understand. Suppressing a smirk, she remembered her husband’s groan when she’d slipped out of bed that morning--as if she hadn’t wanted to stay in bed as much as he’d wanted her to. She spotted Mike now, standing with Deadmeet and his wife, Nil. *DM’s probably exacted a promise from Mike to look after Nil for him,* Indy thought.
    Her eyes once more ranging over the assembled unit, she spoke again. “This is the end of an era here on Xenen. It is the end of Imperial domination. It is the beginning of a new epoch--the epoch of the New Republic.
    “We all know why we’re here. Novis is our goal now, the liberation of Xenen’s capital which will bring this planet fully into the protection of the New Republic. To liberate this city, we will first try a peaceful route, but there will always be a martial plan B. There will be ten teams inserted into Novis, including a diplomatic team and an honor guard.
    “Novis is a circular city divided into sectors, or "sides". At the heart of the city is the city center or "Capital Hill," the seat of the government. Surrounding Capital Hill is a large park. Beyond the park, the city is divided into the sides.
    “The North Side of Novis is considered the academic side. The University of Xenen - Novis is located at the outer edge of the North Side. Deeper within the North Side can be found the residences of the more educated, several theaters, libraries, and other such places. On the border between the North Side and the East Side is Mercy Hospital.
    “The East Side of Xenen is the commercial area. The malls and shopping centers of Novis' East Side are renowned across Xenen. In the heart of the East Side, one can find design centers and scattered production centers. On the far outer rim of the East Side is the industrial area of Novis.
    “The South Side of Novis is considered the place to go to party. Located in the heart of the South Side is the spaceport. On the border between the South Side and the West Side are the Xenen Veteran's Hospital and Novis General Hospital.
    “The West Side of Xenen is a far more martial area than any other. Not only is the Dargan School of Military Science located here, but on the outer rim of the city rests the Imperial Garrison.
    “Police precincts, hotels, fire departments, and other public service offices are located in random areas around the city. Assume there are at least two in each Side of the city. Public transportation is extensive.
    “Tourists mainly stay in the South Side, East Side, and North Side. The West Side is frequented mostly by locals and military personnel.
    “As I said, there will be ten teams going into Novis, each with assigned objectives.
    “Alpha Team is the diplomatic team, which I will be leading. Our objective is to bring Novis over peacefully. If that is not possible, the objective will change to assisting the honor guard in achieving their objective.
    “Beta Team is the honor guard, which Jinx Katarn will be leading. Their objective is to protect diplomatic team. If no diplomatic solution can be reached, their objective is to take Capital Hill with minimum bloodshed.
    “Gamma Team is the University strike team and it will be lead by Derik Bel Iblis. Their objective is to secure the Novis campus of the University of Xenen with minimum bloodshed.
    “Delta Team is the Dargan School of Military Science strike team and will be lead by Jaq Pellman. Their objective is to secure the Dargan School of Military Science with minimum bloodshed.
    “Epsilon Team is the North Side team and will be lead by Alec Jaggers. Their objective is to secure the North Side of Novis with minimum bloodshed.
    “Theta Team is the South Side team and will be lead by Troy Nexus. Their objective is to secure the South Side of Novis with minimum bloodshed.
    “Kappa Team is the East Side team and will be lead by Deadmeet. Their objective is to secure the East Side of Novis with minimum bloodshed.
    “Omicron Team is the West Side team and will be lead by Tech Krill. Their objective is to secure the West Side of Novis with minimum bloodshed.
    “Sigma Team is the garrison strike team with the objective to secure the Imperial garrison that is outside the city with minimum bloodshed. Blood Squadron’s going to do this job under the command of Alexander Kerensky.
    “Omega Team is the spaceport team and will be commanded by Jason Briggs. Their objective is to secure the spaceport with minimum bloodshed.
    “Any meetings between teams should take place in the park surrounding capital hill. Each of your commanders has been apprised of the go signal from me. Under no circumstances are you to engage Imperial forces until the go signal is given. If something happens to me or Alpha Team, assume the signal has been given and engage at will.
    “Your lives come first, your objectives come second. Always remember that the good of the many outweigh the good of the few. If you are captured by Imperial forces, sit tight and KNOW that we will rescue you.
    “Details on your insertions into the city are available from your team commanders. All of you who are not on the diplomatic team or honor guard remember that I need you people to keep a low profile and not cause trouble. I’ve heard from authorities in Vendra that marshal law has been declared in Novis, so watch yourselves.
    “Alpha Team, Beta Team, grab your gear. We’re leaving in about a half hour for Novis. As for the rest of you, if there are no questions, you’re all dismissed.”


Novis mission briefing by BGN Indiana Bridger, the Rebel Squadrons

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