Kartuiin Sector Conflict ~ Kartuiin

    Kartuiin is the capital of the sector that bears its name. During the New Order, it was home to Admiral Vertil Dargan's military operations in the sector and the surrounding sectors. After the death of Emperor Palpatine at Endor, Vertil Dargan became a warlord over the sector he'd been awarded governorship of, holding it with a hunger. Now, after the death of Warlord Dargan, the world is held by Governor Tegan Dargan.
    Kartuiin is a cold world, but not desolate. Major geological features include the volcanic Hidira Mountain Range and the Vent Springs nearby and the Zatfar Mountain Range which rings the planet's surface. Kartuiin is a world of tundra, mountains, and evergreen forests and imports most of its food from neighboring systems and worlds, although if needs be the denizens could support themselves on tauntaun meat and some cold-weather vegetables and fruits. Major cities on Kartuiin include the sector capital of Vorist, Giliad, Cevin, Jeunad, Mythos, and Dargan.
    Vorist is set in the Zatfar Mountain Range and is a stronghold city. Descent into the city's spaceport is treacherous due to the strong winds that whip around the high peaks around the tiny highland plateau and cliffs where the city rests. The mountains themselves also pose a major hazard to navigation. Located in Vorist are the Imperial Mansion, the Kartuiin Sector Council House, and the University of Kartuiin.
    Dargan is a city that grew from the military garrison of the same name. This is the best spaceport near to Vorist, resting several hundred kilometers away at the foot of the Zatfar Mountains' northern edge. Dargan is a major recruiting center for the Imperial military-or was before the sector became independent. Now it is the home of the main recruiting center for the Kartuiin Defense Corps.
    Giliad and Cevin, the Twin Cities, are resort towns near the Vent Springs. They are frequented by men and women from all over the galaxy. Many within the Imperial hierarchy have vacation homes in these cities.
    Jeunad is a bustling metropolis on the south side of the Zatfar Mountains, near the equator of Kartuiin. Although the sector capital is at Vorist, Jeunad is the heart of the economy for Kartuiin and its sector. This is where most banks and the major investment firms are based and is arguably the richest city in the sector, perhaps in all of the Rim.
    Mythos is sometimes called "City of the Dead" due to the large number of cemeteries and memorials in the city. Quite possibly the oldest city on Kartuiin, Mythos predates Vorist, Dargan, and Jeunad by at least three dozen years. Most likely established by long-gone Old Republic colonists, Mythos is a city proclaiming the might and glory of the Old Republic's heyday.
    Other cities are mostly small mining towns or corporate shanty-towns for workers and are not worth mention in this document.

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